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Hi, a small bit about the guild: I’ve had it since vanilla and have been running raids since Karazhan. Started on Nazjatar, moved to Stormreaver when MoP hit, then finally to Mal’Ganis at the end of BFA. Friendly overall environment, definitely an adult guild however.
With that out of the way, BF is looking for:

-Raid Leader: Need this to move on into mythic raid! PST for more info on this!

-A Healer: Priest, Paladin, Monk, Shaman


-Havoc Demon Hunter



-WW Monk

-Balance Druid

-Shadow Priest

-Considering any!

We raid on Thurs/Sun @ 8-11PM CST as well as optional raid days around the early weeks of tiers. Also Mythic+ happening constantly throughout the week. DM me here, on bnet: Basu#11316, on Discord: Kain#4982, or in game: Kaiñ(alt164)-Mal’Ganis! Paid transfers considered! Thanks for you consideration!

Updated our needs…reaaaaaaaaaaaally wanting a Vengeance DH!

We are now only really in the market for a Prot Warrior/Blood DK/Vengeance DH! One slot currently open, HMU!

Casually recruiting a balance druid!

Had a tank split! Need a Vengeance DH!

Still need a VDH!

I am still looking for a VDH, Ele Sham and Boomkin fit for our guild!

Looking for a Blood Death Knight and still on the eternal lookout for a Balance Druid(s)!

Recruiting a Blood Death Knight for our mythic team!

Updated our needs! Expanding our net!

Revised needs again! Expanded tank net!

Updated needs, we’re good on tanks for the time being!

Looking for a few more select DPS for our raid team!

Looking to expand to blast some mythic…taking it slow recruiting so hmu! Carefully considering!

We are on the lookout for another warlock as well!

Recruiting a raid leader! Play anything, we need raid leadership to move on in prog!

dam if you didnt raid sunday would be perfect

Still recruiting! Updated our needs!