Please delete

Ok, so you create a thread in the forums with the most absurd vague emotional meltdown and when people point that out you claim you changed your mind and that people are just being toxic when they point out the absurdity of the thread.

Why don’t you just delete the thread? It is clearly not going to lead to any constructive discussions.

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Can I have your gold?

I wish there was an easier way to delete threads, you can’t delete when there is any comment though. Right now you can just report it on 5 alts and hope the mod notices that the reporters are you :rofl:

I’m insufferable to you is a compliment let’s be real you make pity party posts or say you’re gonna quit then always go back on such. You obviously only aim to stir up dust. It’s week one and you already blowing a fuse.

Bout the same level as those T trolls.

If it distresses you so much to play this game then take a break because you are obviously burned out and only find entertainment in dramatic flare on the forums.

You never leave. Let’s be real. This is all for show.

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no, buying a year long sub when you don’t know what you’re paying for… was the mistake.


Oh, I was not aware of that

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Oh, you’re back! Wow!

So here’s something to consider: As opposed to previous WQs, the rewards in the current ones are far greater. A lot of my PvE gear is from WQs, which I don’t think was ever done before. A good part of it from rares and events, too.

I understand limiting things due to this, you don’t want to make all of your other content obsolete, but it’s certainly not something to up and…quit over?

Its not possible to delete a thread once people have commented on it.

So i changed the title to reflect what is going on now. I kept the original text so that the flow of the thread makes sense. And i put an edit on to explain that where i stand has changed since i posted.

Not much more i can do than that

You’d probably be better off just changing the title to “Please Delete” or something like that and doing the same with the body of the post and then just putting this thread on mute. Won’t completely stop the toxicity in here but it’ll greatly slow it down. Mods might even delete the thread.

“ Upon further review and consideration, we’ve decided to drop this change at this time.

All along, our goal has been to avoid making World Quests feel mandatory, while still offering them as a worthwhile option for players who are looking for things to do on a given day.

Following your feedback here and our own internal discussions, we’re going to try to find other ways to accomplish that without impacting crafting too much or generating a great deal of concern for those who don’t already have a daily routine or want a daily routine.

Thank you”

In case anyone was wonder what OP was going on about.

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Changed the title to that now :slight_smile:

I agree.
I made an assumption about the expansion due to their history of content. That was a mistake.
I should not have assumed.

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As far as I know, this will result in Blizzard yoinking all their games from your account and locking your account completely, so uh, only do this if you’re sure you wanna go full scorched-earth on the whole company lol.

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yes i believe they posted the update in a quote in their main post

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They did. I just had trouble linking it here for some reason.

It was a bit of an outrage in the same topic and they reeled it back in.
Something they don’t do often. They claim they didn’t want people to feel pressured into dailies or something so hey, least they listened.
Full Post:

Is this like the new go to insult for all you hip young peeps?

Inquiring old peeps would like to know?


it’s the alternative to just screaming “give me a forum vacation!”


It wont happen man! What they did last night was the final straw for me! Even if i had a years sub, i would eat the $$ and still unsub!

I actually did unsub after replying to this post earlier.

I am done giving a company money that actually discourages it players to NOT PLAY their own game!

yeah, I’m sorry I bought a year subscription also :frowning:

If your unsubing do you care?