Please delete

Log out of your forum account and then log back in.

Yeah, he is, also made a post where how pointless life is and can’t adopt a kid

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he keeps coming back, changing his name so it resets his post count.
staying away from the computer might do a world of good for him

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Can’t. Too many people in this society don’t know how to exist offline.

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I tried that! It didn’t work…multiple times.

Usually that does it, but not this time! It really likes this look, apparently…

If it’s about WQ. They did say they were going to look for alternatives about the change.

You will be back no ever quits wow.

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I feel like you’ve said this before.

This too.

And this.


Oh poo. I tried to click to see your armory so I could see your helmet and it wasn’t there either. Is it possible that you died? :thinking:

I’m glad you were very specific on your complaint, now we just need to figure out what that content is.

Well, good thing you made this extremely vague thread before leaving.



Or maybe those Bronze Dragons did something with my timeline and gave me this silly hat! I’ll have to talk to Chromie…

Oh look OP isn’t logged out of the forums. They are typing something as I speak.


This thread was made at the same time as the world quest debacle was going on.
I was very active in that thread as well.

I assumed it would be very clear what it was about

Did you not notice the name of the thread change and the edit i made to the post?

Oh so you were lying when you said this?


Exactly. You ain’t quitting or signing out. You’re just doing what you been the last 6 or so months. Dramaaaaaa queen


I forgot you were one of those people.
Use your brain. I clearly said ive calmed down now and have changed my mind in the edit to the op text and title.

God youre insufferable.
Who were you before you changed to post on this character? Clearly your history here is more than 30 posts

Yes, that is what calm people say


I just dont have the energy to deal with the likes of you. Youre just being toxic to me for the fun of it.
I want no part in that.

What are you still doing here then?

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Nailed it. Addicts gonna addict.