Please delete

please delete

I heard these guys are awesome, also they have cookies.

Hey mate are you still looking for a tank? If so I’m keen.

hey sorry we have 3 tanks atm. currently looking for DPS.

Currently 6/10N, still looking for DPS and a healer.

update: we are now 9/10N and 3/10H.
Looking for DPS.

Bump. 7/10H looking for heals and dps

bump: now 9/10H. Still looking for dps & 1 healer for heroic/mythic prog.

Bump. 10/10H still looking for DPS and a healer for mythic prog.

bump 10/10h looking for DK or enhance shammy for raid prog

managed a full 10/10H reclear in 2.5hrs tonight. Still looking for more dps to start mythic prog.

bump, did 2/10M on Monday still looking for a few dps and a healer.

after downing 2/10M on our first night of mythic we completed 10/10H 1/10M after reset.
still looking for more for further prog.

downed 3/10M on Monday and prog’ing remnant as we speak, still looking for more DPS.

bump still looking for core healer/dps

4/10m still looking for DPS and healer pm me

bump: now 5/10M always looking for more.

bump. Currently 5/10M looking for RDPS for painsmith and onwards.

bump still searching for a healer & dps

Hi, would it be possible to join you guys as a regular community member?