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WTH are you talking about.

The mobs and affixes have been tuned some. You need fewer runs to get pages now ( from all areas instead of two ) and the amount CV you get is almost an order of magnitude greater.

When you had a week were you needed 6 runs to get your pages you’d have save a couple a vials from the previous week and hardcore grind every day of the week to get the rest.

CV drop rates have not change just moved around, you still get 5.5 vessels per week.

The road to 15, is semi nerfed but not really. They did lower the pages 11-15, they increased them 6-11, to make people need to FC for a Rank, with a level 6 cloak which for most specs is not possible.

That Reduction was more of just a changed, it doesn’t take that much less, unless your a class that can easily FC at rank 6.

Full Clearing a vision with no masks was always easy, its easier for some classes than others sure, but its not any harder or easier than it use to be.

I think THIS is the point the Blizzard’s white knights always miss. No one wants the things for free, the people just want to play the game, as many times they can, if the people want to do Visions 5 days 12 hours a day, fine, let them do it.
Time gated content should NEVER be on this game to play the “end game”, and each expansion we have more and more.
People have different amounts of time to spend on this game, some people can play 2 hours per day, some people can play only 10 hours on the weekend.
There’s a HUGE difference between the people that can play 7 days and people that can play only 2 days. How many Coalescing Visions both will have at the end of the week? Now think about all the content that takes several months to someone that plays every day against someone that plays only weekend.
So, no matter what you white knights say, it is a bad system and no, the problem isn’t the player.


Vessels can also be bought from MOTHER, so that cap only exists when purchasing from coalescing visions alone.

Right BUT for new players we dont have Corruptions, we need the echos for that.

Just spreading the info.


We did it BOYS!


Honestly, I really don’t think we’ll be getting SL this year, maybe at the end of December beginning of January.

Maybe prepatch will come on November.

I’m just saying this because Blizzard is going above and beyond to keep us busy without giving us much, the situation in the world has put a dent in their plans so I wouldn’t be surprised.

I don’t really want to experience another half baked system at the beginning of the xpac, to be fixed in 9.2 creating other issues and finally doing something almost at the end.

Awesome! Now I have something to use my echoes on :slight_smile:

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The upgrades should be BoA so you can send them from your mains with max rank cloak to your alts. A good balance since right now it would cost 42k echoes to buy 4 rank 3 essences and 16 cloak upgrades. Then you still need to buy corruption for 8-10 slots depending on character.


… The same Echoes of Ny’alotha my alts are grinding to purchase the appropriate essences and corruptions?

How is it Blizzard always manages to find a solution that creates more problems?

Might as well have not touched the system at all if you were just going to compound the resource competition alts already have to navigate with their echoes.


I think it would make more sense to remove the 1/week limit of earning a malefic core from running a vision.

It’s still something though and would make it possible for my druid alt to catch up more quickly.


They are no longer forcing you into raiding each week for the additional malefic core. You can obtain the echoes for the core no matter what you do end game, whether it be PvE, PvP, or Mythic Plus grinding.

2 Core cap? Anyone with a new cloak will never catch up.

GG Blizz

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And alts are still spending the exact same Echoes on catching up their essences and corruptions. You ignored my point entirely.


I understand that it isn’t what the majority of players wanted as their time gate, but I still chalk it up as a win that they listened to the players and did something about it that improved it by even a minuscule amount. It means they are at least paying attention.

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Thanks a lot for listening.

Intentionally setting the bar low to disguise failure as victory is why BFA is such a mess in the first place. A glass half full of urine is still a glass of urine.


Understood, but there are a lot of players that have no intention of raiding, so they were the ones being affected the most. It helps still.

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ANOTHER garbage “fix”. Good job Blizzard.