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Nightfall (Previously Daybreak) - Tichondrius

We are your friendly, neighborhood cross faction (horde based) guild composed of players of every skill and interest in the game.

Our raid teams goal is to achieve AOTC every tier and while we are not CE focused we plan on continuing mythic progress throughout the entire season to go as far as we can. We aim for a casual raiding environment and expect our raiders to keep up with basic raider things such as show up prepared, be gemmed, enchanted, know fights, etc…

We also do mount/mog runs, pvp nights, keys, movie nights, and anything else that sounds fun. We are a community of like-minded nerds and gamers who genuinely enjoy our time together.

Progression History:

VotI - 2/8M, 8/8 AOTC
AtSC - 9/9H AOTC
ATDH - 4/9M, 9/9H AOTC

Raid times: Monday and Wednesday, 7pm to 10pm PST.


Currently we are looking for the following roles/specs:

  • MELEE: Enh Shaman, DPS Warrior, DPS DK, DPS w/ Tank Offspec
  • RANGE: Evoker, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, DPS w/ Heal Offspec
  • HEALS: 5th Flex DPS Healer (Any class/spec)

We are fortunate to have most buffs covered at this time therefore any exceptional player with a positive, team orientated mentality can be considered.

If you’re interested, please contact us via Discord or Battlenet.

GM @ Grummie
Discord: Grum#9775
Bnet: Grum#11774

Your times are perfect…would you be interested in a prot warrior or a Hunter?

Hi Warrirawr, we are currently full on tanks for raids but we could be open to the hunter!

i am so ready for the weekend

We survived another week!

We did indeed!

Building a great team - still lookin’ for some melee and a healer.

Lookin for up close and personal DPS

i hate my vault

Noone likes their vaults.

Recruits look good - just need a couple more!

Would love to see a DH or rogue in the comp - who knew melee were hard to recruit?

Im really excited for raid night

Smashing normal and heroic farms, so close to our mythic prog roster! Come join the fun!

They see me bumpin’… this post up. Where’s all the patch hype?

Happy friday! any plans for the weekend?

Patch hype for next week - let’s go!

Need a couple more bodies to sacrifice to the roster boss!

Need a couple more warm bodies to throw at bosses! Melee or range, doesn’t matter. Come join the fun!

In seach of DPS for our team - come enjoy all the green with us!