Please consider adding mercenaries/AI

its becoming increasingly a struggle to find even dps at times to fill a group yet alone a tank or a heal please consider adding some AI to the game that would do a decent role in tanklng or healing perhaps add like a toolbar that the group leader can use to navigate the AI.

Its becoming harder to harder to get attunements done for people starting this late.

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Or, you know, interact with your community?


The community that jumps ship, leaving for greener pastures, leaving dead servers in their wake?

What is one supposed to do when one is the only one online in a server at any given time?

transfer right?

lmao no

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Attunments for what? Kara is open.

Glad you answered your own question.


I’m sure you’re going to be there waiting with open arms, ready to help me run my dungeons and a backlog of group quests stretching three zones.

Yep, pay for a transfer, wait for free transfers, or quit the game. Those are your options if your realm is dead.

If you rolled alliance and came to Benediction (or Thunderfury I suppose… my 8 alts are still there waiting for free transfers) I would be glad to help you. Hell, you don’t even need to be an alliance for the group quests part.

Granted I am the odd one who happens to love actually playing the game as opposed to just raid logging.

Oh mr sarcastic calm down.

You know how this goes.

Pay for a transfer.
Wait for blizz to maybe do free transfers.

Your choice bud. You can pay 15 bucks a month every month for the next foreseeable future doing nothing, or drop 25 and start playing the game.

You dying on your hill means nothing to me.


I could keep pushing for LFD and DS. And should those things be implemented and don’t sit well with you, you can

Honestly dude, i couldn’t care less. Dual spec saves me money and I don’t run instances anyways because I’ve been fully attuned (Except Rage Winterchill for BT) for god knows how long now and every class but rogue is boring so I don’t have alts.

Argue for it’s implementation, couldn’t care less.

That said, I’m not on a dead server so I can atleast play the game.

So go pay your 25 bucks already because I can smell the whale oil coming off of you.

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I’m glad you feel that way. Getting back on topic, by your logic, it shouldn’t matter to you either if I want Four NPCs to do the job for me.

Jesus old man it took you 15 minutes to type out some random nonsense.

First of all, I don’t even know what you mean by that. If you want bots to play for you, then go get banned I guess dude, not like it matters since you’re on a dead server anyways, or like you’d pay for them since 25 dollars is too much for you to spend while simultaneously paying 15 a month.

Yes, let’s get back on topic, back on the topic of how you’re big mad that I laid out the 3 options for you.

Pay for a transfer.

Your choice bucko.

You don’t know what I mean by my post, Yet you made a false insinuation about the condonement of breaking the rules.

No problem. I’ll clear it up for you; that way you don’t go around making bad assumptions.

What I originally meant was that the actual programmers create usable NPCs for the game that I could use…

to do your job for you.

This, relates to this:


It doesn’t.

You’re going off on some random tangent because you decided to go stalking posts of mine from 4 months ago where I was arguing against dual spec and for what? Because you’re big mad that I’m not sitting here pouting with you about your dead server.

So again, pay, wait, or quit. Makes no difference to me.

I see. o.O

This thread is about bots playing as your party, bro

pssst it’s not happening

I guess I don’t get to run dungeons then.

I guess not. This doesn’t even exist in retail. Good luck!

Why would retail need it? They have LFD/R or whatever its modern equivalent is.

The video game remains the video game. The point is relying on people is no guarantee and provides a clear conflict of interest with access to video game content.