Please Bring Back Character Cloning!

Pretty terrible notice. They should have emailed people with characters to notify them of the changes. Not force you to actively seek info out.


Why not just wait for fresh?


That’s fair. I agree they should just put a lot of stuff on the launcher as well. I dont disagree they should have done better telling people.

I’m just baffled by the fact it was around for soooo long yet people act like they never had a chance. I get it things happen in life but if you didnt do it when it first was announced and then didnt care for over a year… I stop feeling bad for you at that point.

The Character Clone service has been retired. All clones that were not activated before July 26, 2022 were deleted. Customer Service cannot restore deleted clones or transfer active clones to different game versions

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I can see both sides. I cloned to Era day one. I warned all my friends who played but had since quit.

None of them cloned because they thought they were done. Only down the road did they decide they wanted to come back. I still fee bad for them, but I warned them.

Who I really feel bad for are the people who quit before the end times, had no idea about “cloning”, or that the default was to move your character to TBCs ending/WotLK, came back expecting their “forever classic” characters to be around, only to find them force moved to what was basically WotLK. That decision made no sense to me.

Had they:

  1. Email notified to alert those not playing blizzard games
  2. Default kept undecided clones on Era

None of this would be a problem. If they had only done one of the two things, there’d be less of a problem.

They did neither. They didn’t inform people who were not actively logging in to the game or forums or following news sites, and they forced moved your Classic forever character to a fleeting expansion pack.

Really poor decision IMO. Not to even get into the fact they forced people to pay to play on both Era and Xpacs.


I just came back to classic after a year or 2 expecting to be able to clone my warrior and play but no bueno. I would gladly pay 100$ to get my boy back :(. I have been playing retail since and have never seen a thing about them removing it on the launcher. (where 90% of us get our info from on blizz news) This was a mistake by blizzard. I think the longer they were to hold on to them the more people would come back and pay for the service.


Doing my part and bumping this,

Lost out cloning my characters because of health issues, would love to pick up where I left off!

Please Blizzard!


It is not an expected behavior to stop playing WoW, and then to come back and find out that your characters were deleted. It sucks big time, and is not something that has ever occurred in all the years of WoW history. It wasn’t something that people were looking into for “answers” because we didn’t know it was a possible outcome. Why would it be? Paid service or not, it doesn’t break the bank to keep wow classic character data around on a server (and if it was significant, then clearly there are enough players to justify whatever costs are associated). This just comes down to ATVI not respecting a player base who plays old IP. It’s not good for shareholder meetings when there is more hype around OLD content than there is around the new.


Your characters aren’t deleted though. They’re on wrath realms still level 60

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If you’re trying to just play end game vanilla so badly then you might aswell just wait for fresh. Don’t think end game content is going to be too popping on era servers.

I just want give u more money bobby plz.

There should never have been a charge for it OR it should never have been over 5 bucks. This is because Blizz just can’t help charge way too much for a service that shouldn’t be that much. They even pointed to it as reason that “classic cloning just wasn’t popular”. My friends that quit and didn’t clone did so because of cost, not because they didn’t want to play.


Folks didn’t give it a lot of thought, and for good reason. You never progress to a new expansion with out requesting to do so (by purchasing the content). They said that Classic would continue to run no matter how many people played it. I assumed (apparently wrongly) that my characters would not advance unless I requested.
Still, I highly doubt they trashed the snapshot. :neutral_face:


I agree they likely can technically do it, but blizzard Activison king won’t invest developer time to go dig up a snapshot, validate to integrity, it reactivate + maintain the service. Don’t take my word for it — a blizzard Dev working on classic era told us so :frowning:

The cost thing I don’t really get. We all pay $15/mo to play. What’s $30 to preserve your investment of $360 (two years of sub time) and likely hundreds of hours in play time? People now saying they’d pay $100 to have their toon back.

I agree $30 seems high, but it’s blizzard activi$$$on king, what else do you expect? They milk us any chance they have. And to me, the $30 is well worth being able to play Jarl three and a half years later, if I wanted to play both Era and TBC.

Truth is I paid $0. Had no interest in TBC so took the free clone on era :slight_smile:

So cost I don’t fully get. Lack of notification I do. And why on earth they turned the service off seems stupid AF to me.


Bumping this thread for the dead homies.


100% agree. totally stupid and pathetic of blizzard. They cant even reply, doesnt make any sense…


No, you people chose the false “expansions” over Classic.

You shouldnt get clones back. And just be realistic, you wont. Get leveling!

It’s absolutely ridiculous to have ended an existing service that would have allowed these people to play the character they invested in. I agree, they should go level anew at this point. But I can’t imagine any reason to actually side with blizzard on the mega botch of handling this.

Way too many people had no idea about clones in the first place. No notifications unless you sought out info.

Defaulting to an Xpac that was about to again move on to WotLK was stupid. For your “forever vanilla” character.

And asking people to pay to go to dead servers (it took months and months for them to be any resemblance of active, if not well over a year).

I only went to Classic. Never moved to TBC. These people should still have access to their toons in my opinion. And nearly all are willing to pay for that service again.


What a crock of crap. Stuff it in a shady place pal.


Ill stuff it right into the bags of my Classic character. Because i kept my Classic character. Hehe.

Gee, I have some of mine too.
I’m campaigning for my others, don’t care it you don’t like it.

Bring back cloning Blizz!!