Please Bring Back Character Cloning!

Blizzard, if you read this, please bring back the Character cloning service. I have made a post about this before and from time to time I will continue to make a push. Many of my friends will make a return if you bring back the option to clone our original 60 characters. Thank you!


too late, they are gone

no theyre not, only the service is cancelled.


Id like my characters back as they were very much please and thank you.


Time to wait for fresh pay piggies.

You had the option for quite a long time and even at reduced prices to encourage you. It was always stated it would be ended.


Ah yes how dare we ask to play our own characters.

It was never stated that cloning service would be temporary when it was announced nor were we notified.

But yeah, have fun in som2 and thanks for your constructive input.

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Im playing era also my guy as I took my 2 copies at reduced prices. Also just leveling alts.

That announcement was a year after classic tbc released. If it was announced back in June of 2021 that it was temporary then id understand, but it wasnt so that argument is invalid.

Many of us werent playing months or even a year before that announcement.


What forces you to play to look into it?

If you cared back then you would have sought out your answer. Coming back years later and complaining isnt going to help.


Alright but I dont really care about your guys. I want my guys, don’t see why you care so much about my characters.


Just putting some hope out there!

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You don’t know if it’ll help or not. You’re just afraid it will so you won’t be able to have your weird flex that you still have your characters.

You’ll realize eventually that it doesn’t matter to the ones asking for the service back, matters more to you us not getting them back.

Either way for as long as theres people wanting access to what they’ve already earned these posts won’t stop.


It’s too late bro you had almost 2 full years to clone. Make a new char

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We have prior threads asking for this and I have no objection to the asking.
I am lazy though and will repost a previous response:

I find it a bit difficult to believe that they purged all the data pertaining to the snapshot taken of characters prior to the TBC pre-patch. But maybe they did really dump that data. I don’t know. It sounds as though even if they had it they are unwilling to take action at this time.

Maybe they are waiting for increased demand so they can monetize it.
LOL @that though as I remember the outcry when they initially introduced cloning with the original fee.


No domt got the time to invest like i did, I’ll gladly pay a sub just to post asking for my deleted character so I can olay again.


Oh yeah, in all honesty the time i spent away was putting myself in a really good position in rl albeit forfeiting more of my free time.

Its well worth it for me to pay a good few hundred bucks for each of my characters I want back.

I’m not here to haggle with them like the bums who originally were complainkng about 35 bucks…hell I cant believe WoW is still inly 15 bucks a month after almost 2 decades. If it was 35 bucks a month id still be paying that to login and play for a few hours here and there.

Now even if I buyback my time invested in my characters for 400-500 bucks each it’s still a deal for me. My problem isnt money just time now.

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No I’m just making fun of you for something that is clearly your fault and you feel the need to whine about it publicly. I wish you would have chosen to copy them over the last 2 years. I really do, but you didnt and its no ones fault but your own.

You can always just open a direct line with blizzard via tickets or customer service.

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There was no notice for the ones that werent playing at the time.

Anyway, we all appreciate your continued support. We’ll continue using the channels provided to us.


News articles and press releases dont require a subscription. There was notice. You just didnt notice lol.