Please Blizzard leave Silvermoon alone

I don’t want it destroyed or shared. It is the only good city the Horde has and it would create a precedence when a faction loses stuff to neutrality after almost 20 years of faction alignment. You can chose pretty much anything else for an elf expansion you don’t have to turn blood elves second fiddle on their own homeland.

Leave my Sin’dorei alone and start killing alliance aligned elf characters for a change so the helf crowd finally gets a real taste of 16 years of Horde treatment.


I dunno, often we already see the horde do the same with the night elves while still at war with them. :robot::thought_balloon:

I believe the alliance already have a close foothold that could either be friend or foe. :8ball::robot:

In an expansion set in Quel’Thalas, Silvermoon is all but guaranteed to be our neutral hub IMO. The question is whether it has to canonically leave the Horde to fulfil this function. You’d think not, in this new age of faction irrelevance and open red/blue cooperation, but with a tagline as dreadful as “elf unification”…


Lol it is most certainly going neutral.

All those negative feelings about the alliance will be swept away like they never existed.


So…just like all those negative feelings about the orcs, then?


Not exactly.


In Amidrassil they make you know you ain’t welcome. Big difference. Making Quel’thalas is nothing short of alliance appeasement and High elf wish fullfilment. The loud minority who hijacked the community council won again.

No? There is no Horde foothold in Dragon Isles, Darkshore or Winterspring.


I would like it if city was split into ally horde and murder row had pvp


Honestly, I’d rather see the resurgence of the Shattered Sun and build up Quel’danas a bit. Gives a bit of nostalgia and has at least some historically neutral areas.

Silvermoon should be blood elf central, population blood elves (though if those assets get updated and we lose the green crystals glaring at you, I won’t whine).


Tauren tribe survivors in the plains, Shatterspear (confirmed still Horde and still existing as of latest Darkshore lore), presence of both Horde and Alliance via goblins in the main hub of the zone in Winterspring.

There probably are night elf zones with no Horde, but none of those are the ones you cited.

Well, at least the Dragon Isles and Darkshore has a horde presence. We’d assume the Goblin settlement in Winterspring is neutral. :world_map::robot:


Could work; they’re still around in some form or other. The Blood Knight who sends Horde PCs to do the eredar chain apparently has a side gig as the “Shattered Sun Emissary.”


I’m hoping not.

Let it be the Horde hub. Dalaran can float off the coastline further south and be the Alliance’s capital. Cement the fact that it never left the Alliance in Legion like everyone presumes.

Speaking for myself as someone who wanted High Elves, I never wanted Quel’Thalas. The High Elf story was about choosing to leave Quel’Thalas. Going back is just destroying that story.


The ambiguity of Dalaran’s allegiances is one that could make on grit teeth.

Considering the readmission of the Sunreavers, a supposed “Horde” faction, this would mean that the Sunreavers is in fact, an “Alliance” faction.

Dalaran is a city, not a faction, and therefor can not have allegiances. The Kirin’tor is the faction that inhabits Dalaran, and The Sunreavers and The Silver Covenant are both Kirin’tor factions.

When Khadgar came and took the Kirin’tor from Jaina, and then having the Sunreavers readmitted into the Kirin’tor, the whole allegiance thing became muddled.

The Kirin’tor is either neutral or alliance aligned, leaning more towards neutral because the sunreavers can not be Horde and Alliance aligned simultanously. They can certainly have leanings of preferences (We know that Aethas Sunreaver himself was loyal to the Kirin’tor and Silvermoon City (Blood Elves), but disliked the Horde, hence why he wanted to draw more Blood Elves out of Silvermoon and thus out of the Horde, and into the ranks of the Sunreavers, the Kirin’tor), but considering that neither the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant act without direct approval from the Kirin’tor, it is safe to assume that these personal leanings can be disregarded.

I still think that people are too fixed on the idea that Sunreavers and The Silver Covenant represented and housed either big faction back in the day, “They must be either faction!” nah, they are neutral parties who advocates for either big faction. But they are a part of the Kirin’tor, which is the neutral faction controlling Dalaran.

Just taking the whole Kirin’tor council meeting into account back in the book: “Tides of War” where the Kirin’tor council leaders met up and had to decide whether the Kirin’tor should involve themselves or not and debated the matter. If the Silver Covenant were really just ‘Alliance-4-l1f3’ surely Vereesa at that very moment would just have thrown the Silver Covenant in to aid Theramore. But no, the Kirin’tor leaders first had to agree to interfere, and then they had to agree to who to send.

If the expectation was that the Sunreavers were a wholly Horde aligned faction, and not a Kirin’tor faction, surely it would be dumb for both Rhonin an Aethas to recommend a Sunreaver agent with faction biases. But the expectation seem to have been, that the Kirin’tor is a neutral faction, and the Sunreavers and The Silver Covenant are a part of the neutral faction, therefor it is wholly expected that they do their duty as neutral factions, and not as Horde or Alliance aligned factions.

Hence why we often only ever see The Sunreavers and THe Silver Covenant (Disregarding MOP after The Purge of Dalaran) only ever participate in Kirin’tor sanctioned, neutral endeavours, Such as the war against the scourge and eventually the fight in Suramar, where it was also shown clearly that Vereesa was under the thumb of Khadgar and the Kirin’tor, and not Tyrande and the Night Elves, despite sharing camp.

Just because the next expac may be blood elf themed doesn’t mean that Quel’thelas is going to be the hub of it.

Much more than likely, given it’s title it’s going to be in an entirely new area, UNDERGROUND.

Also putting a “Please Blizzard” post in the most ignored forum of the lot is not what we call effective strategy.

Also way way way way too late to expect any major changes in an expansion that’s only a few months away from beta.

I will skip TWW and Midnight since I will not suffer blood elves turned into a joke,. Rather seeing the titans becoming the bad guys they always meant to be so the First Ones can take over as true gods.

After Amirdrassil and Gilneas, it’s time to get Silvermoon as neutral city for the next expansions :dracthyr_tea:

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Gilneas and Bel’ameth are not neutral. Genn and Tyrande made it clear the Horde is barley tolerated and will be forced to leave. But the way Metzen worded it the elven races will unite and most likley chose Alleria as their supreme leader since she is the main face of the saga.

It’s bound to happen at some point Void Chaos attacking Quel’thalas in ruins and both sides of the factions have to be bound to ether work together or fight against each other for the control of northern lordaeron.

You know if Blizzard spent as much time developing Horde lore as they just did with the Aliiance. To point they spent all the resources on nothing else and Alliance plays had to play through it. I would be fine with Alliance players using vendors and having an NPC or two.