Please Blizzard Hire Wakaliwood to make the next warcraft movie 😥

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(Wolftrakker) #2

mmm no. May as well get the guys who did birdemic if you want to go terrible and cheap.

(Lirrise) #3

Less :moneybag: more :heart:

(Lirrise) #5

They are a small indie movie company that loves what they do, you should check them out if you have not yet, their movies are funny but their story is very inspiring. :smile: They are all a lovely bunch of people

(Wolftrakker) #6

A ugandan production company that splices in footage from hollywood films, toy vehicles, action figures and lame greenscreen spfx to make “epic films”.


Rofl I love the juxtaposition between your two responses.

(Dedaru) #8

The difference being is the Birdemic idiots made a crappy project.

Wakaliwood actually has HEART AND SOUL into the project. The people who write that stuff actually give a crap about what they’re doing even if they live in the poorest part of their country. You can tell they care more about their project than the dingbats who did Birdemic.

(Pärker) #9

Voice Jockies over weird loosely related Azerothian material.

Yeah. Let’s do this.

(Wolftrakker) #11

doesn’t matter how much heart and soul you have, if your product is cinematic garbage that looks like a jr high kid made it for you tube. Duncan Jones had heart and soul and still got his film ruined by studio execs cutting it to shreds, but at least it looked like a movie not a you tube gag…

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A view of the cranes in Norwington Estate


(Dæmonjesùs) #13

with the way things are going theyre only going to be able to fork out for the director from human centipede

(Sorelai) #14

Considering the first movie is considered a financial failure and the studios that made it are selling off assets, the only hope for a second movie is for someone else to buy the movie rights for it. I don’t really see this happening. Movies that don’t return 3-4 times their budgets rarely get followups.

(Fallynn) #15

Who? I have no idea who that company is to be honest.

(Ariakan) #16

I’d rather they spent the money on fixing and improving their game.

(Raicolette) #17

Why don’t they just use the same cast in game now and make a full on 3D movie? They don’t need Hollywood and they clearly have the in house people to do so.

Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t make 1 hour movies with all their games. They could easily sell these for $15/each or add it into the Blizzcon ticket. Of course, those who go to Blizzcon, get to watch it for free.

Every 2 or 3 years, there’s a Diablo, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and then Blizzard Heroes movie. The Blizzard Heroes movie could have all the franchises mixed into it, while the others are specifically about those.

If that’s too much, then they should have a set rotation of every 2 years they make a 1 hour special for a franchise.

(Wolftrakker) #18

I’d rather see a full rendered made in house by Blizzard Warcraft film series. Done like the opening BFA cinematic or old soldiers.

(Sorelai) #19

Only thing I get from a search.

(Fallynn) #20

Oh, it’s one of those Bollywood-like things. This must be a joke thread therefore. Thanks for the info!