Please Ban GDKPs!

what are you even talking about

WOTLK has been over for months. Cry more guy.

If you wanna go that route, I have a bit of time before date-night.

What makes organized crime…organized crime? (And is it inherently evil?)

The gold arriving as a package to the RMT player is easily tracked.

Mixing that gold into a pot with “clean” gold and distributing it to other players is not easily tracked. (Hence laundering.)

A note on it’s original ban.

And some commentary on its effects from Greenfield himself in an interview a couple months ago:
“It’s probably a little bit too soon to say, but I think my knee-jerk initial reaction of playing the game on multiple servers a lot is yeah, I’ve noticed a lot less advertisements and things like that. It’s given us the opportunity to crack down on things a little bit more easily. Not just gold selling and botting but gold buying.”

“GDKP is an excellent way to launder money and an excellent way to obfuscate the movement of illicit gold. Without that sort of shield, it’s making it a lot easier for us to clean up other things and be a little bit more steadfast about other aspects of the economy.”

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He called it laundering too, lol.

I can’t imagine the level of cognitive dissonance it takes to think the GDKP ban has anything to do with the population drop, when it was clearly other factors that have caused the drop, such as the atrocious phase 2 balance and destruction of PVP.

It’s amazing how much swipers try and cope, when one of the only good decisions they made was the GDKP ban.

Keep coping.


Funny to see the same 2 anti gdkp people cant even stay away from a clear troll post about it. :rofl:

But for real bring them back.

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My point remains. How is the gold mixed? Does it magically erase all data prior?

Also, THANK YOU for bringing up that interview. Read a bit further. In the VERY SAME interview, Nora Valletta says that there’s no data to back up any positive changes, which completely contradicts what Aggrend said. He did call it laundering though LOL.

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Hope you all are happy. Now you get to enjoy getting out-rolled by that guy that did 20% of your DPS and was AFK for most of the raid.

They had no solid data yet because it was 16 days after the ban went into effect…(That was what, 2-3 lockouts?)
I wonder what would happen if we had asked that question at the end of Phase 2.

Since it was not reinstated in Phase 3 (despite them saying they may bring it back when they banned it in the first place) it would seem that the data bore out Greenfields initial reaction.

I still don’t understand how gold can be obfuscated unless GDKPs erased all data prior. Gonna die on this hill.

It may have been only 16? days after the ban, but I don’t agree with Aggrend for making those statements without any data, which has led to people such as yourself parroting it here as fact.

Anyway, I believe I’ve said enough here. The devs are humans too. They make mistakes.

They probably could parse through it tracking what amounts of gold went where. But the juice wouldn’t be worth the squeeze. That’s a LOT of effort to trying to draw the venom out when they could just stop the bites instead.

(Especially since they’d be having a real fun time removing amounts of gold from players who got GDKP pots with illicit gold in them…and dealing with that absolute ****storm.)

He was commenting on the process being easier.
You don’t need to wait to get to the bottom of the hill to figure out that the ride is easier going downhill, only need to be at the bottom to guage exactly how much easier it was after the fact.

As are you.

If I’ve learned one thing from this topic, it’s that arguing with an anti-GDKPer is like arguing with an anti-vaxxer: You can’t try to discuss logic or nuance with them, because in their mind if you don’t 100% agree with them then you fully support all the bad stuff that vaccines (GDKPs) “cause”


I would absolutely be okay with GDKPs making a return under one of two conditions:

A: The Loot goes onto an auction vendor after each boss to be auctioned, and the gold just gets sunk.


B: They do trace the illicit gold, and anyone who gets some of that illicit gold in from the pot, shares the same game vacation as the person who bought it in the first place.

I have no problem with the system itself. (Some people are just transactional…)
I have a problem with that system laundering RMT gold out into the economy and inflating prices.

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Can you re-read your own post? He clearly stated various positive changes, which was contradicted.

He also said that the GDKP ban helps them to be more steadfast about other aspects of the economy (LOL P3)

o wow. GDKP didnt save it? people arent desperate to pay for carries? like i said. wotlk is a perfect example how all that RMT crap ruins a game. the peak of wow expansions ruined by the gdkp and rmt communty

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rofl. is that what you learned? sounds about right after reading your messages a few times.

How so?

Why don’t you break it down for me, because when I read

It just means, it’s easier for them to crack down without GDKPs.

How did you come up with something different?

I’m not gonna argue with the absolute blunder that was nightmare incursions.
(I was hoping they had frozen transactions the following weekend in order to trace the gold and remove it from the people who were obviously exploiting it.)

In fact, I’m pretty sure I commented in some thread that the NI screw up was like taking an entire phase of GDKP and dumping it into the economy.

But that screwup is not related to GDKPs being banned.

I read this as a positive change, as well as his other statements.

It is a positive change to the active effort and efficacy of dealing with RMT gold. Yes.

Hence why he said “more easily.”

Exactly HOW MUCH more easily, is what they needed to wait for data for.

Lmao Wrath is the start of retail. It’s a very mid expansion mostly hype off nostalgia of people who never reached end game in OG vanilla or TBC.

See, you and I actually agree on that matter. The problem is, it’s not possible to filter good gold from bad, and by that logic the auction house should be removed too for the very same reason

The fact remains that, whether it actually was a primary reason or not, banning GDKPs has not helped the RMT matter - as I’ve said multiple times in this thread, I’m still seeing bots out farming and receiving gold selling ads in the mail. Maybe they have banned bots, but if they aren’t doing anything to stop them from returning that means nothing, it’s like cutting weeds, if you don’t take care of the root problem then they’ll just come back

On the matter of GDKPs themselves, like I’ve said I don’t care one way or the other if the remain banned. I never liked them, never participated in them, and never will. I just hate when people uphold the ban as evidence that RMT is being handled when it’s very clearly not, because it lessens the pressure on Blizzard to actually do something about RMT