Please Awoo for approval

They nerfed the Worgen /roar before it used to work with skills like Warrior shouts or Druid roars.

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Support. I did not know Tauren could moo, I’m going to have my pally mooing all day now.

Awooo, I can nyot say nyo to this!


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I support /awoo!

Sounds adorable!

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i came in this thread to mock whatever petition you had, but i 100% support this petition

So I just want to put this out there to start.


Petitions are kinda frowned upon by Blizzard as these forums are for discussion so stuff like–

Kinda go against the spirit of what the forums are for, if you take the petition stuff out though this is honestly a good topic of discussion.

With that out of the way I personally think this topic has merit and could be a great discussion piece on racial emotes. The next big form of player uniqueness/customization is the model options coming in 9.0 but its certainly cool to think about racial emotes. Yeah, everyone can moo, but only Tauren make the unique voice sound.

I think it would be cool to see more options like Howling or maybe some unique native language stuff, maybe even unique gestures of some kind for specific races.

Emotes certainly could use some more love, I know the RP community clamors over the Guard Pose, leaning pose, ect that were added not to long ago for NPC’s. There is certainly a lot of room for new emotes and I think that racial, or at least racially enhanced, emotes could be great :slight_smile:

What would everyone here want to see as an emote for their favorite race? Perhaps a unique phrase, or a pose/action?

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God damn it, fine, you got me.

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Everyone can /moo. I always /moo and /hug whenever I see a moocow person.


Hijacking thread:
Bring back the OG /whistle.


So sweet. My cow would appreciate that. He spends all day getting beat into hamburger, being told he is smelly, and all he gets to eat is grass.

The other paladins make him sit in the yard and watch through the window at church…:pensive:

Moos save lives…#cowsarepeopletoo

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I fully support the awoo… just… as racial sounds go, please for the love of all that’s holy, do not have us Baa…we’re space goats… we don’t go baababaaa…just…no. okay? lmao

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someone please start a counter petition and I will sign it

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/AWOO’s in support

I am a hunter, so I’ve probably done such things numerous times. :smiley:

Vulpera was a mistake.

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Indeed…however, it used to be (and might still be) that a Tauren doing a /moo would actually produce a vocal emote:

“Moo. There…happy?”

I’ll have to get on my Tauren when I get home, to see if it still works.

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Only if Draenei get a screaming goat emote that went viral awhile back. Sounds like someone who just saw a massive spider crawling up there arm.

Rude thing to say about Hermione.

I disagree. On my server, Orgrimmar is a-buzz with more activity than I’ve seen in years. Players are interacting and having real fun, and it isn’t only Vulperan I see doing so. It’s a revitalization of which we were in dire need.

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Yeah, that’s cool and all, but the cringe is out of control.