Please allow normal flying from the start of TWW

Dear Blizz: Why, if we are allowed to use dragonriding/skyriding from the start of TWW, are we not allowed to use old school flying as well? The problem I’ve wanted addressed since the beginning of DF is the ability to AFK while flying which you can’t do with new system.

I take care of a very disabled dad and I don’t always have the ability to find a safe place where there are no hostile mobs to AFK so that I don’t come back to a dead character. He falls a lot, will text me that he needs medication/food/something to drink, etc. and I’d rather not have to logout or exit the game to be sure my character won’t die.

I realize that all you have to do to unlock old school flying in TWW is do the campaign (but is this pre-80 or the full campaign?) and explore the zones but this should really just be something that is available when TWW goes live.


There is a button to swap back and forth between Skyriding and normal flying that is along side your Skyriding abilities.

Spellbook, General Tab, Sky Riding, last one that says Switch Flight Style


You’re not understanding. Normal flying is locked behind the campaign and exploration per Ion when TWW was announced.

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Yeah it seems odd because why does something that is an accessibility option something that has to be unlocked? Especially when it is clearly the weaker of the two options so there isn’t any advantage it just makes the game more accessible for everyone.


It 100% is an Accessibility function for some people and I do not want anyone to feel left out. I would like to be able to play TWW with my mother who I started my Warcraft journey with, Warcraft is the thread that has kept us together in our hobby.

I have a 67-year-old parent who games with me and this will be a major turnoff for her. She absolutely despises Skyriding; she is not good with it at her age, gets frustrated then turns off the game.

Normal flying should not be looked at as a privilege, but Accessibility, and needs to be given to players from the get-go.


From the various accounts that I have read from Alpha testers. The main storyline is incredibly short compared to any other expansion.
I dont personally know if this has been altered or extended.

The exploration portion with Skyriding and possible campaign phasing may take only a few minutes to complete.

I welcome anyone with all the facts to speak up as to the duration of actual completion.

While I am not denoucing the value of normal riding upon the launch of the expansion.

I do wonder if you think its going to be that big of an issue for most, if not all people.

The fact it is a potential issue for anyone and may deter them from playing, is a reason to tackle it. It is already in-game so it does not take any additional resources to make it happen.

I really do not feel like having to take over playing for her until I unlock normal flying so she can enjoy the game. I already did this for DF so we can play together without frustration.

This is an easy change that will very much positively impact those with Accessibility issues.


I agree. Dynamic flight will deter me from playing some days. I love dragon riding but thanks to 20 years working with my hands and “the age” I am approaching, some days I just have to take flight paths, adding normal flight to the dragon isles was a great addition. its a super bummer I have to unlock normal flight in a game I enjoy and, I don’t want to rush the story to unlock a function that allows for accessibility.