Please allow Dracthyr to swap between Elf or Human Visage bases at will

As someone who is very picky about what races I play because of their animation sets, it bothers me on some level that I can’t swap from the Human model to an Elf model. We have examples of Dragons who can assume either form and, if I’m not mistaken, both. So why not allow us to? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m fully aware that combat will be done in your Dragon form, and I have no qualms with how that looks. The level of customization for a Dracthyr is impressive already, and I even have the benefit of having my signature colors availible. But that does kind of come at the cost of the ability to mog most armor pieces onto your dragon body and with Mail armor having, at least in my opinion, very little to offer for satisfying transmog appearances. So, would it be too much to request an extra switch, to toggle between an Elf or Human model? Please?

Also, as a side note, I would like to make a distinction: The model itself looks nice. The Dracthyr add just enough to the normal human model to make it look good… until you start moving. But I can’t stand to look at those animations any longer than I have to.

Edit: I would like to make a counter-argument in advance, as I can see someone potentially raising the point that it’s done this way to improve distinction between Alliance and Horde Dracthyr; Their dragon forms don’t necessarily differentiate either, as far as I can tell. And we also have Void Elves and Blood Elves, both running around as “High Elves” with the classic pale skin and lightly-colored eyes.

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I wanted to post this but glad to have found this post.
It’s a bit odd but also feelsgood to finally have true Half Elven models (not just High Elven with short ears on both factions – though that is also great!), but it feelsbad to only have them with the Dracthyr.
IMO what Chosen Identity should do is mean that the Evoker is ALWAYS in Visage form, and only in Dracthyr form while a relevant animation is ongoing - or some middle ground toward achieving more time in Visage form in combat, even removing Visage from the GCD would help, though it’d be rather unrealistic to press it all the time just to roleplay a humanoid Draconic caster. I understand the DE is a humanoid Dragon with a half-elven VISAGE, but I think it’s quite safe to say the community has largely deemed the Dragonform as goofy and delimiting in comparison to the uniqueness and familiarity of the Visage. The swap animation can be toned down to help with this as well.

I don’t mind the dracthyr’s dragon form, myself. Some of the animations are a tad rough and, for lack of a better word, stilted? But the models look nice. And i really don’t feel like dracthyr swapping in and out of dragon form would really be a good idea. Demon Hunters already stole that idea from Warlocks back in Legion. But, purely for the sake of giving your players a CHOICE, i’d be all for allowing combat in Visage form if that’s someones preference. Maybe a glyph, or whatever they’re called now.

I should also mention that since making this post, I have made a male Dracthyr and, to my dismay… they get the Elf skeleton and animations. But not female? Really? They decided to give females the ugly human skeleton, but males are special…? (And this is coming from an IRL Cis-gendered man.)