PlaySoundFile Macros Resulting in Error

I’ve tried running multiple tests, and getting the same error every time. When I run the following as a test:

/script PlaySoundFile(“sound\music\event\mus_event_diabloanniversary_tristramguitar_a.mp3”)

I’m getting an error:
[string "PlaySoundFile(“sound\music\event\mus_eve…”]:1: PlaySoundFile Error - Invalid fileDataID for sound.

I’ve tried it with other MP3 sound files that should be in the data as well:

/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\Music\ZoneMusic\DMF_L70ETC01.mp3”)

You now need to use the SoundKit Ids for “build in” sounds (1538384 for the first one, 53438 for the second)

Lookup at:

Little correction, you need the FileDataIDs for PlaySoundFile()
The SoundKitIDs are for PlaySound()

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/script PlaySoundFile(“554297”)

Pick a number at wow tools (click on files)