Player with Arena Season 1 Gear Briefly Last Week

For the last week, we’ve received inquiries and seen community concerns stemming from the fact that a player was able to purchase Arena gear earlier than intended.

Please know that we’ve investigated it thoroughly, even after quickly identifying the player and reversing the unintended transactions. This was an isolated incident that only affected one player, and we resolved it shortly after it was first reported.

In our subsequent investigations, we’ve found no other examples of this issue or any similar issue.


Can you PLEASE address the poor rates of gear acquisition in PvP, Daddy Kaivax.


Ghost Crawler used to have legit back and forth conversations with us Mr. “community manager.” Look at all of these people with unanswered questions. Even them hearing an answer they don’t like is better than silence.


Unfortunately the CM’s are probably told to have limited interactions with the community, ironically enough.


a blue post about 1 character getting 1 piece of gear he wasnt supposed to get

thank you for keeping us updated on this dire issue, we are all relieved

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First we have this:

Then we have this:

This player base truly will never be satisfied no matter what Blizzard does. I’m sure they made the blue post because people have been freaking out on here about people getting the upper hand in PvP due to bugs. Blizzard communicates with the player base to clear up one concern, and you all bash them with others and then complain they don’t communicate.


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Yeah but lets not get crazy here, GC was pretty clueless when it came to the whole ‘game balance’ thing.

There’s no good reason why somebody representing Blizzard can’t answer some of the questions people have on these forums with a little bit of regularity. It’s really not asking for a lot. Just some regular communication.

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He tried. Tseric was before him. They posted frequently and did their best.

Was Tseric the one who had a meltdown after we trolled the forums relentlessly?

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Tseric broke down over the stress put on him by Blizzard and the community. He ended up getting kind of toxic with some people on the forum and was fired I believe.


I highly doubt they can just come on here and answer questions without consulting others first.

Things probably need to be looked into, discussions between staff need to be had, etc. They can’t just come on here and speculate. They need to be professional and give factual information, which I doubt they have right away at all times. I’m sure they give information when they have it to give.

They give information regarding one thing, they communicate and immediately within a few posts they get pounced on and bashed about another issue. I see it in every single post they make. I’m personally glad I don’t have their job. I wouldn’t want it.

Ah I had forgotten the name. That was good times. I seem to think he went on some weird rant about being a protestor or something…lol.

Those were the days.

Don’t kill the messenger.

Then they can tell us that. It’s radio silence right now on a lot of issues people want responses to. “Discussions need to be had before we have a definitive answer.” would be acceptable.

Can you really blame the guy? Seriously?

As I said in my above post, I wouldn’t want their job. No amount of money would be worth putting up with the way this player base acts. They can’t do any right in the eyes of most here and it seems bashing them is the cool thing to do.

Ah anyways, my game finally got done having patch downloading issues and I can now get in the game and play. So I’m off to play a bit!

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People were incredibly horrible to Tseric. He was a good guy.

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I may not say that, but he was a jackwagon. He is the reason I quit playing after the Cata patch dropped. He treated us like garbage. I am just now back after all this time. Thankfully he is gone.

I saw a post once that tracked his games as he migrated from one role/company to another, he left poor balance and weaker games, every time.

I expect the ‘final straw’ for Good Guy Tseric wasn’t ‘the community’ but Blizzard itself with its own policies. It’s so easy to implement moronic “U MUST ENDURE WHATEVER THE CUSTOMER SAYS OR DEMANDS NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES OR UR FIRED BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT NO MATTER WHAT” policies when you’re making eight-figures and have ZERO actual interaction with said community.

Tseric could have handled it if he wasn’t hamstrung by Blizzard management. I expect this is the case for most of the CMs who have departed Blizzard (voluntarily or otherwise).

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