Player nameplate color

I’m partially colorblind and find it difficult distinguishing the color of my own teams in pvp with classes like mages and warlocks.

Is there a script to turn all friendly nameplates to white? I played around with Microsoft Copilot and it fed me this garbage which did nothing. Finally it gave up and said there is no way to do it:

hooksecurefunc(“CompactUnitFrame_UpdateHealth”, function(self)
local plate = C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(“player”, issecure())
if plate and plate.UnitFrame.unit == self.unit then
plate.UnitFrame.healthBar:SetStatusBarColor(1, 1, 1,1)
hooksecurefunc(NamePlateBaseMixin, “OnAdded”, function(self, namePlateUnitToken, driverFrame)
if self == C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(“player”, issecure()) then
self.UnitFrame.healthBar:SetStatusBarColor(1, 1, 1, 1)

You can disable class colored nameplates using CVars


/console ShowClassColorInFriendlyNameplate 0


/console ShowClassColorInNameplate 0

I know that. But the default color is somehwat light blue. And when there are a bunch of nameplates floating around, I often have trouble distinguishing that light blue from enemy players who are mages and warlocks. The mages are the worst though. I think their nameplates are close to light blue.

And yes, I tried using the colorblind options. It helps with everything else in the game, but those mage and warlock nameplates are still an issue.

If you disable class colors for enemy nameplates they’ll all be red. And/or you could add something like this to add class icons to them.

Ahhh… that might work if I make all the enemy nameplates red and put the class icon next to them. But that class icon is so small if you look at it in the distance. It’s easier to see the nameplate in the far off distance :frowning:

It’s the friendly player nameplates that irritate me. I honestly don’t need to see all the class colors for my own team. That’s why I used that console command to make all friendly player nameplates light blue. I thought there was a way to make them all white instead. I know you can make your pet nameplate white so figured it can be done to friendly players.

This might do it. I only used it briefly when Blizz broke the Show Only Name CVar but I’m pretty sure it had color options too

Dumb question: do you need the nameplates for the sake of seeing health percentages, or do you need them because you find it easier to keep track of your team? Plater has a mode (I use it) called Name only for friendly nameplates, which highlights people around you on your team with just their names rather than a full blow nameplate, and it’s always been easier for me to keep track of them like that.

Edit: I just realized this is an old thread. My bad.