Player Harassment and Real Life Threats

Hey All,
I would like to know Blizzards stance on player harassment, griefing and threats from other players.

I recently transfered from Remulos (PvE) to Arugal (PvP). Now yes I understand its a PvP server and players can and will come to attack you. I get that.

The problem I am having, as well as other guildmates are experiencing is that a few other players from Remulos transfered over and have been hunting us down and targeting us directly. Now many of these players I do not know and I really hoped to have a new start on a new server. But with the ability to have both Horde and Alliance players on the same server, they are using that to /who us down and stalk us. They are building up groups from their guild and hunting us while we are trying to avoid them. They are camping our corpse and preventing us from playing the game.

These same players used their horde characters to even tell us that unless we left our new guild, they would continue to hunt us down and kill us until we left the guild or it was disbanded.

This isnt just PvP fun, this is targeted harassment and personal threats.

I have put in multiple tickets in the past few hours as the situation progressed. I am sorry if that is an issue, I am not sure you can edit a ticket after the first is put in. But I also have screenshots of these players continuing to follow me around.

For example I started off doing SSO dailies, then was getting ganked by players I have no clue are. OK, thats cool, they had some fun. So I went to do ZA with a guildmate and some new players we meet on the new server. I then came back to the island to finish those dailies only to have them WAITING for me. So I managed to get most of the quest done before they found me, but they camped my corpse everywhere I died and had to get at GY more then once then finally hearth away. So I went to do my other SSO dailies and while I was in Blades Edge mountains, one of those players sent me an /invite. I accepted thinking it was just another horde player looking to team up for the dailies, but it wasnt and they quickly dropped group after they got my position on the map. Guild mate then was speaking to me telling me it was that guilds horde alts. I spoke back to the player that sent me an invite and told him that PvP is fun and all, but stalking players is uncool and I would report them. They seem to think its all cool and told me to get over it its a PvP server. I managed to allude them until I got to Hellfire Penn where I tried to do those SSO dailies, only to be camped and prevented from finishing my dailies up.

Now, I keep being told by GM post to use the REPORT function to report players. But here is the thing. TBC Classic does not have the REPORT for Harassment function in it. It only allows for reporting Name, Guildname, Spam or Cheating. And I think Language. Nothing about harassment. I have tried to put a few of them in ignore, but this will not do anything to help.

I really hope this can be addressed. I left Remulos because of the harassment and bullying from players on that server, only to be hunted down on Arugal and targeted once again. And yes, I even went as far as to change my characters name.

Please help. This is very depressing.

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Understand though, pvp activities are not consistent with harassment.

Yes I know… Someone attacking you out and about is fine…

However Players hunting you down because your from their old server to stop you from playing the game is not… It violates Blizz terms of server IIRC…

So you know, this went on for hourse across multiple zones… Please read the post…

To be clear, I do not have a problem with PvP… I have a problem with 5 players stalking me and preventing me from playing the game becuase I am from their old server. If it was just random blokes wanting to have some fun that would be fine. I like PvP… But this is not PvP, this is griefing out of pure spite.

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I’m sorry, Meinteil, but on a PvP realm, hunting and even corpse camping is not a violation of our policies.

That would be more in line with ongoing harassment, and for that kind of communication I’d recommend submitting a report so that our staff can verify the behavior. I’d recommend placing them on ignore and do not engage, but if they continue to contact you, report it.

Everything you described in this section is PvP and the risks of being on a PvP realm. As I mentioned, there doesn’t appear to be a violation of our policies there.

Placing them on ignore won’t prevent any PvP actions, but it will stop any communication. If they circumvent your ignore, then that takes it into ongoing harassment territory and we can often intervene.

No, it does not. The why they may be hunting down your character isn’t a factor. If they are the opposite faction as you, and you both are flagged for PvP, they may engage in PvP.


Mate, they are not attacking me because I am horde and they are alliance. Heck they where not even attacking other horde. They spoke with us directly and said they would stop camping us if we left our guild. That is HARASSMENT… I been playing this game since Vanilla… They just want to kill us because we came from Remulos to Arugal… Nothing more…

If those same players do this EVERYDAY… Thats not PvP…Thats stalking…

Technically, live or classic, there is no “harrassment report” in either, this requires a web ticket placed via the support system.

You might be remembering “Zone disruption”, but this did not include pvp activities, or even “ganking”, this was more in line with what could affect the server performance, hence every players game play. IE, organizing a server crash event.


I’m sorry, Meinteil, but when it comes to PvP the “why” isn’t very relevant. Anyone, may attack anyone else (assuming they are the opposite faction) for any reason or no reason. That is how the rule set on PvP realms work.

Which I said, is a different matter. It isn’t the PvP that would run contrary to our policies, it would be the communication. That is what should be reported as ongoing harassment. You’d want to report the character(s) that whispered you and approximately when it happened so it can be verified. You’d also need to place them on ignore.

That is still PvP.


NO… I am not…

IF a person attacks you and griefs you in game. Then tells you to leave your guild and they will stop… That isnt PvP… That is targeted harassment… How is this hard to understand…?

You’re on a PVP server, you’ve signed up to get attacked. No where does it say no one can’t fight another guild. Blizzard isn’t going to step in because you moved to a PVP server and not liking the fact that PVP is happening.

Like the old saying goes: “PvP happens on a Pvp server.”

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Vrak addressed that already


No I know what PvP is on a PvP server… That does not give any player the right to say, hey lets form a 10 man hunting party and stop Meinteil from playing the game today…

I have seen players get banned for this. When did this policy change and can you link it to me.

I would question that assessment of events, as there are very rare instances when we would get involved. Unless there are other factors involved, such as additional harassment, circumventing ignore, etc… We do not otherwise penalize folks for participating in PvP.

The policy hasn’t changed.


Well, you guys opened a real bag of worms when you allowed players to have both Horde and Alliance players on the same account on a PvP server. They can now see where players are at and then hunt them down. Which is what they are doing to me.

The reason I am so upset about this is I had issue with many players harassing me on Remulos, so when you all announced we could move to PvP servers I was happy. Oce has only one PvE server and thats Remulos and its dead. So I really wanted a fresh start and so did many of our guildmates. I moved to Arugal, had been having the best time of my life. Had a little fun here and there PvPing with a few players… Its been a blast… All up until many of the Remulos players from other guilds somehow found one what our new guild name was and then started targeting us individually… I wanted so hard to get away from those players… And now here they are exploiting a loop hole you guys introduced…

If they just wanted to annoy us when about here and there, thats fine and fits in with the whole PvP realm thing… But being able to hop on their Horde toons and use /WHO just to find me or my other guildmates… THATS an issue you all need to address…

Not really.

First, you’ve always been able to have multiple WoW licenses, so players could do the same thing previously. You also have the ability to communicate outside of the game with others who may be of the opposite faction and could give you the same information (which is just what zone the character is located in, not their exact location).

Additionally, this isn’t new, it happened the same way with the original version of the game when the restrictions on having a Horde/Alliance character on a PvP realm was lifted.

I am sorry that you are having a bad experience, Meinteil, truly. There is little we’ll be able to do about the PvP aspect, but please be sure to report any inappropriate communication you receive, especially if they circumvent ignore.


Mate, you’re acting unreasonably and lashing out randomly. No amount of pointing fingers is going to fix this. And no, trying to blame /who or trying to find a random rule that wasn’t there to start with isn’t going to fix this. You’ve ask what Blizzard’s stands on harassment and real life threats and you got it. No amount of trying to find something to get someone action is going to happen.


I am not trying to… Honestly… I have been suffering from Anxiety and Depression for months on Remulos. Just from the constant harassment from toxic players on that server. To finally be given a chance to choose another server to go to in Oceanic. Which made me so freaking happy and lifted my spirits. Only to have those crushed becuase somehow they found out what guild we are in and systematically stalking me.

I left a PvE server to go to a PvP server just to get away from them.
I forced the game to by creating a level 1 toon with my old characters name to let me even change my characters name…
I just really want away from those players and here they are…

Can you understand why I am so upset. I am not trying to lash out at any of you all. But this is targeted harassment… Not random pvp…

Again, unless you all forgot, they even got on their horde toons to tell us and me to leave the guild or continue to be griefed… Thats not PvP mate, thats a real life threat… That is them telling a player to do something or face consequences.

I understand why you’re upset, that’s why I don’t play PvP Servers because IMO (keyword) they’re toxic, by nature. You already got your answer. Arguing with the blue and members, here isn’t going to solve, anything. Take the blue’s advice and report the whispers for harassment because it’s what it is. You’re not obligated to be an ear for them.

Also, you can submit a suggestion in adjusting the PvP servers rules, to the way you want it. As far as this particular issue goes, (again) you already got your answer.


Thank you Esta, yea its not about the PvP part… I love to PvP, I think its funny if you run to grab a drink from the fridge and when you get back some gnome mage is tbagging you… Thats funny and all in laughs and a great time… Its about players continuing to harass me from my previous server… Matter of fact, until they got here this has been the best wow experience I had had in years.

PvP in a video game is not a threat to your life.

A real life threat means your real life - as in your personal safety in your home is at risk. To do this, they would need your personal information such as name and address a well as means and intent to come there and harm you. If you feel those players are a real life risk then you would first want to contact the police. Blizzard will cooperate with all legal requests.

Hunting you down every day all day in PvP is not considered harassment, as Vrak said. It is frustrating, certainly. But not against the rules.

The only recourse you have is to address any verbal communications they have with you. Once you put them on Ignore - any communications after that can be considered ongoing harassment. Read the first link you were given by Kozzae. It has all the info on Ongoing Harassment so that you know how it is defined, what you need to do, and how to report it. Again, that is VERBAL though.

I just really want to be sure you saw that link and read it carefully. Please share it with your other guild mates who may also have issues. You guys need to put them on Ignore.