Player caught cheating - Dashketchum-EmeraldDream

So the High Mountain Tauren player Dashketchem-EmeraldDream was just caught cheating by multiple players in two seperate Epic Battle Grounds. Player was not only taking zero damage, immune to everything even all attempts to purge and dispel from multiple healers if it was some immunity bubble.
This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated and the player should be removed from the game.


Came across him just earlier today in a random Deepwind Gorge. Same story. My whole team reported him but since he’s APPARENTLY been at this for 2 weeks now, not sure what much good it’s going to do.


Yep, I had him in one too yesterday, reported him.


We have run across this player multiple times in epic BG’s. As a community there are usually 25-30 of us and all of us have reported him multiple times. there are also multiple post on this guy but blizz doesn’t seem to care. Thanks for watching out for the players NOT exploiting the game and helping him ruining everyone’s fun.


Someone needs to make a video or screenshot of it and send it in via physical notified mail.

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Blizzard is watching him to find out how he does it. Bans will be coming soon as they learn what they need to know.

blizz??? please do anything

Blizz doesn’t care about this stuff anymore obviously… Maybe try reporting him for intentionally misgendering someone and I bet you get a response.


He showed up in an Ashran today completely invulnerable. He solo’d our mage and then tried to solo Fangral. He couldn’t out DPS our healer and we still ended up winning. Imagine cheating like this and still losing. This guy should feel humiliated…


Played against him in ctf today, still cheating, most, if not all of the team reported him, although we all know nothing will come of it.

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lol blizzard does not care, diablo 4 is coming out, where is your $90??

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Another group still doing that horde side, not sure what is up, no one could touch them with anything and they wiped our whole group. Makes me not want to pvp anymore. Used to have fun battling wits, but not fair if you get insta wiped by invulnerable cheaters.

Sounds like you got outplayed.

Sorry this is a little late, but were those Horde players by any chance in a small guild called “WE ARENT GETTING BANNED” on the Bleeding Hollow server?

They’re notorious for using some sort of exploits and cheats and somehow getting away with it. Back in Keklands, I ran into an Orc DK from there one day in Orgrimmar cuz I was bored and wanted to world pvp on my alliance, but this guy somehow had FULL Torghast powers while in Orgrimmar. 100% cheats. Another time in Maldraxxus one of their druids was making a lot of Alliance mad and talking in general chat on how he was somehow completely, infinitely invulnerable while killing alliance players. I never saw it for myself b/c I was hyperfocused on doing my own thing at the time and didn’t really care to check out the predicament. I did eventually see the druid hovering in the air afk or something as I went back to the covenant hall and noticed he was in the same guild as that DK I encountered prior to that, and just put 2 and 2 together with people in general chat calling out him using cheats and made my conclusion.

A month later or so, went against a premade of that same guild in a Twin Peaks, and that same DK I recognized was carrying the flag and was somehow not only invulnerable but also invisible while carrying the flag. Couldn’t even target him. We actually ended up winning anyway by getting the last cap with 10 seconds left of the match going 2-2.

Given their guild name, it’s definitely some players that exploit some bugs or straight up use cheats and somehow get away with it making their guild name unironic. Probably lowkey blizz devs.

Edit: Thinking about it now, probably not so unironic anymore given that I haven’t seen that guild around ever since that bg. I just checked the guild on the armory and there’s a lot of inactive level 50-60s except for their GM, and the DK I recognize is inactive since early season 2 of this xpac. Maybe a bunch of them in fact eventually got banned and the GM is the sole survivor laying low.