Playable Sethrak when?

Yup! They look so damn cool too, the running animation for them is wicked.

I definitely think it’s time for Warcraft 4.

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Incoming darkspear ogres who are all very thin.

Same. I know some people want there to be endless expansions, but this horse is beyond dead. Might as well just make WC4 with the same gusto they gave stracraft 2, then spend several years making a better WC MMO.

Someone at Blizzard really thought players would want mechagnomes over sethrak.

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No, they thought it would make more sense to give the Alliance a race that’s clearly based on an existing Alliance race, lives in neutral territory, and who Alliance players would spend a lot of time with over a race that’s only tangentially related to an Alliance race by rig, lives in Horde territory, and who Alliance players interact with for one throwaway questline and a dungeon that they canonically never even did. Yet I keep seeing this exact statement that implies the devs looked at the community’s misguided belief that the Alliance would get sethrak as a foil to the Horde getting vulpera and chose to give them mechagnomes out of spite, stemming from the other belief that allied races were a popularity contest.

To be fair, blizzard did say to let them know what we would like to see for allied races when the system was announced.
Not sure why they asked for that and then went off and did their own thing that was clearly planned long in advance.

I guess they just thought it would be some fun community engagement? But its only natural that players would end up thinking they had some say in the matter.

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Almost like the world building for Alliance in BFA was non-existent and that’s the problem, not them wanting a race that was a clear parallel from a basic high school level narrative design point.


Yaa who cares. Id rather have an interesting race design that people ye know actually wanted over a gnome that is worse to transomg, and even has worse hair options.

Bfa gave the alliance 2 of the absolute least played races in aka fat humans and diaper gnomes meanwhile foe the horde vulpera exists.

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To be fair, there’s no other rational reason to give anyone mechagnomes.

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it’s a good thing they’re snakes then

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I’m still depressed that they never made them playable.

Yes, so clearly based on an existing alliance race that they might as well be the same. Less original than Mag’har orcs.

Vol’dun may have once been ruled by the Zandalari in the story, but it’s clear they don’t anymore during the events of BFA, not that where they live even matters. “WHY WOULD WE HAVE FORSAKEN WHEN THEY LIVE IN THE EASTERN KINGDOMS??”

If a group of sethrak would join the Alliance, then they should leave Zandalar. Since it’s a Horde island.
The zandalari trolls are active in the region of Vol’dun with several loa temples there, not to mention with the vulpera now also in the Horde. The Alliance also recognized this by removing all their presence on the island as part of the armistice according to the book shadows rising.

There have been fan ideas about how such a group of exiled sethrak could come to be, like, for example, a group of faithless that escape zandalar now that their empire is broken and the threat of the Devoted, Zandalari, vulpera, and the larger Horde being the stronger force in the area.

Making the races playable

To be honest – I think Drakthyr is a good ‘Experimentation’ for unconventional races, with various models or that which doesn’t blend in well with most gear slots.

They should apply the same principle (Minus the visage, save except for some justifiable races) and have earnable gear-placements in the customisation barbershop via either completing various achievements.

This would help implement:

  • Ogres
  • Sethrak
  • Arakkoa
  • Drakonid (Perhaps a smaller variant through magics)
  • Ethereal
  • Vrykul
  • Tortollan
  • Tuskarr

There’s more races that many obviously want to be playable, but a handful would be rather easy to mold gear onto (Taunka for instance, just have Tauren model with different face / so can just have same principles) etc.

Lore justification:

Having the list mentioned above - Recognising the influence, power and security the factions hold for various peoples, along with the boon & bonds with one another and the connections throughout the world, would be a good reason to have the stated-list become neutral races branching out to two of the most influential supreme powers known in Azeroth and even famed throughout the cosmos.

Obviously have each with their own unique perspective and reasons — For instance, Tortollan although more friendly with the Zandalari (Horde) than Kul’Tiran (Alliance) - could wager they would like to set up trade routes and so sent adventurers of their kind to both factions, and whilst preferably lean to be ultimately neutral - Understand that confrontations & hostilities will be met, but upon that it’s not to be reflected upon their entire people / prime faction of race. Have the same principle more-or-less applied to the other races.