Playable Covenant Races

Only way you could really get away with a covenant race is to not treat it like a race.

Now hear me out, the creatures of the afterlife are well - don’t really belong in the living side of the veil (or whatever…blizzard really shouldnt have made shadowlands…) but this is one of the few situations we could theoretically capitalize on the stupidity of blizzard.

Okay we are the great super duper ultra mawwalker(s) who saved the afterlife and the living worlds too - good job pat on the head and shoved back to azeroth to play with dragons eh? Hold on a moment here we just happened to have a big ol device that rewrites reality so for my reward, maybe I want to have a body rewritten to look more like my newest bestest buddies evaaaah in the whatever covenant im currently hanging out with for their abilities…?

So in otherwords, not a new race - but a new body for a mawwalker.

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I’m glad you like them Lyrose :grin:

Same here! The Sylvar are my personal favorite.

Yeah I know what you mean. Other players have said something similar to this. I think it’s been referred to as a permanent soul shape.
Through this method the covenant races would still be playable, but not take up an allied race slot. I wouldn’t mind this at all.

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Plus, kinda saves a race change too.

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It’s been a hot minute, but I’ve finally gotten around to continuing creating customizations. Here is the latest one I’ve created for the Female Kyrian/Forsworn.

I wanted to create some gold/silver flake options for this race. So this is one option shown in both colors, on both default skin tones.


Thank you for linking this thread in your post Kretias, very much appreciated!


Love it. Very nice.

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bumping this bcuz id die for the venthyr AR options holy


I’d still kill for Sylvari, but I’d also settle for getting the body presets for Drac’thyr on other races…

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they r so prettty i wanna be one T_T on my pally

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I’m glad you like it.

Same here. They are my favorite. I’m planning on creating some more for them after I finish the Kyrian & Forsworn.

Thank you! I’ll be posting another one here shortly.
I’m very happy with the Venthyr so far. Think I’m going to create some scar options for them.


Here’s another gold/silver flake option I’ve created for the Female Kyrian and Forsworn. This one is more on the minimal side.


Fits remarkably well for the Kyrian.


I think the Covenant Races should give players like Customization Options of Hairstyles, Hair Colors, and Features to all races. Then you get to play as your favorite Covenant Race but different.

Come on Blizzard make it happen.

That’s not a bad idea, but it wouldn’t be the race. We already have some of the hairstyles the covenant races use; they were imported from other races. Adding the few new styles that were created to other races would be a great addition. More customization is always welcome in my book.

I’d much prefer the Vorkai (Dryad) for the Night Fea one. I’d really love to play a dryad druid

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I would also love to play as Dryads, Keepers, and Centaurs.

I think the probability of that happening though is pretty slim, and that’s because they would have to update the tons of gear in game to fit these 4-legged creatures. Bringing mounts and flying into play is another big hurdle Blizz would have to overcome. Would players be okay with the possibility of not being able to use mounts?

Regardless, it would be awesome if we could play as them.

They could get a smiliar racial as Worgen. So they could be the mount themself. Not sure how it would work for flying tough

Hoping we get Kyrians someday.

Fauns would be cool

Venthyr would be cool.


That thought ran through my mind as well. That is a possibility.
Unlike the 4 legged races, Worgen have a more humanoid skeleton with only two legs. They have the option of running in place of a mount, or riding one if the player desires to. I’m not sure if 4 legged races would have that choice, which was why I brought up that question.

It would be interesting to see what the riding stance of a 4 legged creature would like…