Plaguelands slugs

10 gold per bottle that drops from them. Nice way to make some gold inbetween AV queues for horde. It’s close enough from undercity and from flight point so when you rubberband back it doesn’t hurt your farm that much

what bottle? ive killed lots of trash in plaguelands and I never find anything good more than skull and bones or slimy something

green bottle that’s used to make epic healer cape, dunno how it’s called it in english.

Larval Acid.


4-6% drop that’s pretty low… never even seen one
but, I could see it being lucrative if you get lucky

got like 10 in time between av queus, i’m also doing it because my warlock is only 59 so i need exp and the av rep at same time, so i can’t just afk.

there must be like 10 better ways to make gold in between av ques.

tell me one for also getting exp under 60. I also kill and skin animals on the way

Bat farming in EPL is also considered one of the better farms as you just vendor the grays for decent gold, so you could probably do both as it is.

Personally I like to just farm dungeons because I don’t have to worry about competition, both from a Horde or Alliance ganking perspective. And then sometimes I get up early to make RTV loops in EPL when there is little competition.

i just want to finish AV rep for bis offhand and mount

Warlocks who don’t get their Dreadsteed are shameful.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.


meh, i’ve already made topic about my gripes on warlock horse. It’s a magic cast. It costs mana, stops 5 seconds rule, can be interrupted, sileneced, slowed by curse of tongues and it’s so bloody loud

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All that pales in comparison to having the bag slot.

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warlock laughts at 5 second rule
anything not a healer does