<placeholder> 9/10H Recruiting for mythic late-night/weekend!

Is a semi-casual but dedicated guild looking to bring on more players to achieve AOTC and fil out mythic raiding core. We’re a group of friends that formed in early-BFA and achieved AOTC early on but moved on to different games shortly after. We’re back for Shadowlands and we’re looking to achieve similar marks with a stronger group of people!

Friday/ Saturday 9:30pm - 12:00am CST

Recruitment Needs:
We’re currently in need of 2-3 ranged DPS, any solid applicants will be considered! Also looking to bring on flex tanks and heals with DPS off-specs to help with guild runs and off night activities.

We expect our raiders to put in the work outside of raid times to come prepared and ready to progress. Some current experience necessary but nothing extensive required as long as you’re willing to learn and progress at a decent pace. We’re casual in our raid times but we take our little time raiding seriously.

We’re comprised of adults with families, full-time jobs, full-time school or other commitments. We understand life happens and we fully believe life comes first, but we expect our players to give us a heads up when a raid night will be missed.

If you wish to know more or feel you could fit in here please reach out to me either in game or through discord!

Bnet: Eye#1621
Discord: Eye#3581

Bnet: Dissar#1314
Discord: Dissar#3705