<placeholder> 8/10N 1/10H Recruiting for Weekend/Late-Night

Is a semi-casual but dedicated guild looking to bring on more players to fill out its raiding core. We’re a group of friends that formed in early-BFA and achieved AOTC early on but moved on to different games shortly after. We’re back for Shadowlands and we’re looking to achieve similar marks with a stronger group of people!

Friday/ Saturday 9:30pm - 11:30pm CST

Recruitment Needs:
We’re currently in need of DPS, any solid applicants will be considered! Also looking to bring on flex tanks and heals with DPS off-specs to help with guild runs and off night activities.

As we are re-forming, we don’t have any incredibly strict requirements. We simply ask you have a desire to progress and learn and a laid back but also dedicated mindset! We do want to be competitive in our rank so we seek players that want to see content at a good pace and we expect a work ethic that matches that desire from our team.

We’re comprised of adults with families, full-time jobs, full-time school or other commitments. We understand life happens and we fully believe life comes first, but we expect our players to give us a heads up when a raid night will be missed.

If you wish to know more or feel you could fit in here please reach out to me either in game or through discord!

Bnet: Eye#1621
Discord: Eye#3581