Place to make a Complaint about a specific Forum Mod?

Is there a place to go to make a complaint about how a situation is being handled by a specific mod? Although I suppose any mod could have done the job.

If it helps I’ll recap the issue while trying not to break the rules to the best of my ability.

There is a particular thread being protected by a Moderator which has racism in it, while the racism isn’t done in a particurallary offensive way it still is racism. There is a request for an Event where ONLY African Americans get a Mount. Excluding other races is also racism. This thread had been deemed protected as people was unable to flag it. Even though there was an Active Mod in the thread.

Which brings me to my second complaint which becomes more about the equalness of things as a whole from the Moderation Staff in general. Had this thread been about LGBT It would of been shut down nearly immediatly. It would of not gotten any special of protection to make it unflaggable. I know this because I have seen it time and time again. So why is this thread about People of Color Protected? While other groups who are struggling for equality are not.

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Only one i can find is a BLM event and that was locked and im able to flag any of those posts.

It got locked because people started talking about how BLM is shooting people as of recently. Including a 8 year little girl of color. Had nothing to do with the content of what the thread was made about.

It’s the thread OP that can’t be reported.

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Sharing this from the sticky thread. This would be the appropriate channel to offer feedback.

(I know this is specifically about “posts” from employees, but can apply to perceived actions as well)

Edit: I felt it was important to comment on this piece directly:

As long as a forum topic does not violate the Code of Conduct it is welcome to exist. Our objective is always to try and preserve the thread while moderating individual posts that violate the Code of Conduct. However, we may eventually close a topic if it becomes derailed or devolves into nothing but arguments.