Pkaaww needs that special someone

Hello Azeroth, My name is Darganon, and I drew the shortest straw, so I was “promoted” to recruitment officer. After a few bourbons and some motivational talks in the mirror, let me discuss who we are.

We are Pkaaww, an Alliance guild on the Lightbringer server.

We’re an AOTC, awe-inspiring midsize group of charmingly witty adults that enjoy endgame progression. We are mostly made up of US and moose-riding Canadian players spread out evenly across the continent. Many players go back as far as Vanilla and provide a wealth of knowledge to the group. Although our guild name has changed over the years, we formed back during the Lich King and have managed to stay together ever since.
Currently, we are looking for a few DPS to add to our ranks, with a possible off-healer from time to time. Although the opportunity is open to most, I will say we do not currently have a Rogue, Balance Druid, Enhancement Shaman or a Windwalker Monk.

Raid schedule: Heroic Aberrus
Tuesdays 8pm - 1030 ish CT
Thursdays 8pm - 1030 ish CT
Must use Discord.
We will sometimes add another day for easy clears like Normal Raid on another agreed-upon day in order to gear up if necessary.
On off days, many guildies will be running Keys together. Most players in the guild received their Keystone Master achievement/2000+ score last season.

But Darganon!!!, I’m super leet , I have a double belt buckle! Slow down there, Leeeeroy. We have quite a few super-duper players that can click the screen too. Everyone is just humble about it and only occasionally makes fun of the ones that lose their mouse pointer on screen.

But Darg, I have a family and kids. We have bio breaks and have no problem letting you check on the kid that you put in a cage or makeshift playpen in the middle of the room so that they don’t climb out and call CPS on you.

But Darg, I’m just getting back into the game and raiding again. Well, I’m a paladin that thinks swirllys tickles my feet. We all have room for improvement on this overpriced monthly journey. My question to you would be, are you a competitive player? If so, take my hand, we can die together deep inside Aberrus next to a pile of loot.

Oh, oh, oh, Darg! What if I occasionally miss a raid? Not a problem, you may not get a Christmas card from me with my festive naughty elf photo in the mail, but it’s still all good. Real life comes first. This is why our group has been together as long as it has. We are all humans and have real lives to attend to. Once your IKEA dresser is put together, get back on and run stuff with us.

But Darg…I’m almost out of bourbon, so no more Q&A.

Look, we’re not looking for perfection, just looking for good players who are fun people who enjoy playing WoW for 10–1000 hours a week. If you’re looking for a new home or even thinking about quitting the game, reach out to me and let’s talk. Good players/people are worth the time to invest in and can completely change one’s experience. So…get into the plain-looking van that says “free looot” on the side and come raid with us. You probably won’t regret it.

Contact: Darganon#11573

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This made me laugh… a rare treat on the forums. I truly hope you find some like-minded souls in your search!

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Not sure why it used an old alt.

Thank you Shadow!