<ping pong> - Eranikus Alliance LF UH DK 9/9 HM + Alg

  • Eranikus Alliance

Currently in search for a UH DK for an instant spot
Always searching for exceptional players, shoot me a dm anyways.

25 man Wed raid 0 light on farm
25 man Thursday raid 0 light downed!

10 man Tues/Friday/Sat Full clears.

Raid times

Wed/Thurs 25 mans raid 7:30pm-11:00pm EST. No hard stop on prog unless needed.
Tuesday 7:00 pm EST start, Friday and saturday begin at 1pm EST

About Us:
ping pong is a newly formed guild in wrath of the lich king with a focus on being one of the top progging guilds on our server and clearing raids efficiently with as little out of raid prep as possible. We also like to do parse runs but will also properly split prog raiders in each 25 man to achieve better loot allocation. We raid new raid tiers on release and also like to participate in PTR (optional) to get a better grasp on a raid. Many members also enjoy to partake in pvp, some reaching levels of 2600+ rating, we’re very social and always a presence in discord.

If you find yourself interested, you can reach out to Boofdk/Stactia#7131, Skooby#3756, Deactive#9365 or BILLSKIE#5234.