Pick the best class for each race

The idea is to match each race to the class or spec you think best fits that race. Best fit is up to you - lore, look, etc. are all factors.

Here is an example based on what makes sense to me from a lore standpoint:

Human - Paladin (Ret/Prot)
Gnome - Mage (Arcane)
Dwarf - Warrior (Prot/Arms)
Night Elf - Druid
Draenei - Priest (Holy)
Worgen - Hunter (Marksman)

Orc - Warrior (Fury)
Troll - Hunter (Survival/Beastmaster)
Undead - Warlock/Death Knight (tie)
Tauren - Shaman (Resto)
Blood Elf - Mage/Paladin (Ret) (tie)
Goblin - Rogue

Pandaren - Monk

Void Elf - Priest (Shadow)
Lightforged Draenei - Paladin (Holy)
Dark Iron Dwarf - Warlock
Kul Tiran - Rogue (Outlaw)
Mechagnome - Rogue (with Engineering profession)

Nightborne - Mage (Arcane)
Highmountain Tauren - Shaman (Elemental)
Mag’har Orc - Warrior (Fury)
Zandalari Troll - Druid (Feral/Bear)
Vulpera - Rogue (Outlaw)


Tauren - everything


Agreed. Belves have the best aesthetic for retribution.

Blood Elf Ret here to say hi

Pretty good list, Nasuuna, but you forgot about the glory and might of gnome warriors!

Human - DK
Gnome - Rogue or hunter
Dwarf - Shaman
Night Elf - Druid or demon hunter
Draenei - Paladins
Worgen - druid

Orc - Warrior
Troll - Shaman
Undead - Rogue
Tauren - Warrior
Blood Elf - Mage
Goblin - Rogue

Pandaren - Monk

Void Elf - Priest (Shadow)
Lightforged Draenei - Paladin (Holy)
Dark Iron Dwarf - warriors
Kul Tiran - druids
Mechagnome - warlocks

Nightborne - Mage (Arcane)
Highmountain Tauren - Guardian druids
Mag’har Orc - Fury warriors
Zandalari Troll - Paladins
Vulpera - furry warriors

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Best class for each race? Well, allow me to introduce you to the Death Knight!

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It seems Void Elf also seem to be a recommended choice for Subtlety Rogues on Wowhead. To top it off there’s also neat artwork of them as well.


I go by the cinematics:
Human Mage
Dwarf Hunter
Nelf Druid
Draenei Paladin
Undead Warlock
Orc Warrior
Tauren Shaman
Blood Elf Priest
Panda Monk

For the rest of the races, artwork and important NPCs, I guess?
Gnome Warrior (Mekkatorque)
Goblin Rogue (Blizzard artwork)
Worgen Rogue (Blizzard artwork)
Troll Hunter (Vol’jin)
Void Elf Rogue (Blizzard artwork)
LF Draenei Paladin (Captain Fareeya)
DI Dwarf Paladin (Anvilrage Officer… the most annoying and infamous trash mob)
Kul Tiran Mage (Jaina)
Mechagnome Rogue (Prince Erazmin)
Nightborne Mage (Thalyssra / Elisande)
HM Tauren Surv Hunter (eagle pets; polearms)
Mag’har Orc Warrior (Durotan / Draka / Geya’rah / Grommash)
Zandalari Troll Priest (Queen Talanji)
Vulpera Rogue ( :woman_shrugging:)


Troll is best race for everything, which is why they have everything! No Paladin, just play the other type of troll! TROLL MASTER RACE!


All races = Death Knight


My List

I give each people two classes.


  1. Human


  1. Dwarf

Prot-Warrior/Marksman Hunter

  1. Gnome

Destro Warlock/Assasin Rogue

  1. Night elf


  1. Worgen

Fury Warrior/Assasin Rogue

  1. Draenei

Holy Paladin/Holy Priest

Allied Races Alliance

  1. Darkiron

Fire Mage/Elemental Shaman

  1. Lightforged


  1. voidelf

Shadowpriest/Arcane Mage



  1. Mecha-Gnom

Assasin-Rogue/Protect Warrior


  1. Orcs

Ench-Shaman/Arms Warrior

  1. Trolls

Beastmaster/Ele Shaman

  1. Tauren


  1. Undead


  1. Bloodelf

Ret-Paladin/Fire Mage



Allied Race Horde

  1. Nightborne

Arcane Mage/Assasin-Rogue

  1. Highmountain

Arms Warrior/Shaman

  1. Mag’har

Arms Warrior/Shaman

  1. Zandalari


  1. Vulpera

outlaw Rouge/survival -Hunter


Human - Frost mage, warrior, monk, rogue, Hunter, Paladin (Ret/Prot)
Gnome - Mage (Arcane)
Dwarf - Enhance shaman, Warrior (Arms)
Night Elf - Druid/Rogue/Mage
Draenei - Priest/Pally
Worgen - Rogue

Orc - Warrior (Fury)
Troll - fury warrior, warlock, rogue subtley, Hunter (Survival/Beastmaster)
Undead - Warlock/Rogue (tie)
Tauren - Warrior/Shaman/Druid (Resto)
Blood Elf - Mage/Paladin (Ret) (tie)
Goblin - Rogue/Mage fire

Pandaren - Monk/Survivalist hunter/Arms warrior

Void Elf - Priest (Shadow) Subtley rogue
Lightforged Draenei - Prot pally
Dark Iron Dwarf - Enhance shaman, fury warrior,
Kul Tiran - outlaw rogue/arms warrior
Mechagnome - Rogue/Arms warrior (with Engineering profession)

Nightborne - Mage (Arcane)
Highmountain Tauren - fury warrior/enhance shaman
Mag’har Orc - Warrior (any spec)
Zandalari Troll - survivalist hunter/elemental shaman/priest
Vulpera - Rogue (any spec)

Undead - Priest :smirk:

Here is my favorite mage spec/race combos!

Fire :fire: = Blood Elf. They look good in red! Plus they seem like the type to set everything they hate on fire.

Arcane 🪄 = Gnome. I like the idea of a Gnome using time to their advantage.

Frost :ice_cube: = Dwarf. The dwarves love the cold, but more importantly could use this magic to keep their drinks cold.