Phury has been on the scene for 13 years reaching our peek raiding performance in Firelands but looking to push past that and get into the upper tiers of the raiding scene. If you are interested in joining a family that is serious about raiding but can still joke and have a good time then hit us up and help us destroy the Shadowlands. Looking for all classes that are interested in Raiding #1, M+ #2, and some PVP here and there.
Currently 6/10n and 1/10h

In BFA Our Raid Progress was cut short due to an untimely death but here was our progress.
9/9H Uldir 2/9 Mythic Uldir
9/9H Zuldazar 1/9 Mythic Zuldazar
2/2H Cos 0/2 Mythic Cos
8/8H TEP 3/8 Mythic
12/12h Nyalotha 4/8 Mythic
We feel Proud of our accomplishments but we hunger deeply for more!!!

Contact options
GM - tang#1917
Raid Leader - Safph#1445
Recruitment - Silversurfer#1475

In need of a tank hit me up tang#1917

way to go! keep it up guys. Bump

Are you looking for a healer? I have a holy paladin (191 ilvl with level 2 legendary and all my conduits) I’m looking to move to Thrall with. She’s alliance right now. Your days/time work great for me.

I can post my LFG forum link or you can contact me at Ziraae#4394 on discord if you’re interested.

sorry, we’re all full up on heals atm if something changes I will hit you up. best of luck!!!

Alright looking for a back up / the third tank may have a spot opening up soon and one holy paladin and a disc priest both need to be able to off-spec DPS if necessary of course all DPS spots are open hit me up tang#1917 if ur not at least 190+ dont bother plz looking to get our aotc in the next week or two and start mythic prog hit me up!!!

starting mythic in the next week or two need strong dps and a back up tank that is a solid dps and one healer hit me up were now 8/10n 10/10n tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est

we’ve now started our mythic raiding on shriekwing looking for a off tank / baller dps a strong healer and strong dps hit me up tang#1917

Woot mythic Shrek is down aotc next and on to the full mythic grind!!!

17% on sire /cry he dies soon then on to the full mythic grind we are in need of a boomie/mage/warrior bad and openings for a healer and back up tank hit me up tang#1917

Woot AOTC baby - we need a warrior DPS and some ranged DPS to lock-in that mythic roster Mythic prog starting Sunday :slight_smile:

still looking that warrior dps now in need of one healer non pally and dps as always…hit me up tang#1917

In need of dps and a healer hit me up :slight_smile:

need a tank healer and some ranged dps - considering all applicatns hit me up tang#1917

woot just got 2/10 in need of healers hit me up :slight_smile: tang#1917

lf 1 tank - 1-2 healers pref pally / shaman and 1-2 dps pref range accepting all good applications hit me up tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est 2/10m 10/10h