Phase 5 Profession Petition

According to the official wowhead classic item links the Bramblewood patterns are not going to be released until phase 6, which they follow wow api timelines. Therefore I find that as i OP, is considered not fair to the druid and rogue classes.

So i urge any and all players who also agree this should be released with AQ phase 5 to do the following.
Copy and paste the information in quotations in a reply that you also agree with this and want it to be released along with the phase 5 aq.

Those were items that were released with Naxx…and therefore should be released in Phase 6 along side Naxx too. They’re catch-up gear for guilds who were struggling to progress month’s after the content was released.

Our 15-year old past counterparts did well enough without Bramblewood…I’m sure we’ll be fine.


Wowhead is not official blizzard resource

Why this should even be even an argument?

this is a catch up contente released with naxx, is not supposed to be released with phase 5

yes because a non official source that has been wrong multiple times already is more reliable then a blue post on this exact topic.

Also if you wanted “fair” you are playing the wrong game, this game was known to be terribly balanced and people fought make sure those imbalanced were not remedied even slightly.

I don’t know where you’re getting all BS and all tailoring from.


When I saw that announcement, I instantly became extremely happy that I grinded the Nightmare dragons for the cape, ring, shoudlers, bracers, mace, and pants.

I doubt Blizzard is going to appease this petition, so your best bet is to start scouting world bosses and hope you get the ring and/or cape.

You know, having the cape/shoulders/boots/ring is nice really, kinda wish I had that crossbow though.

People have been deriding this game as too easy since the beginning, and now you want Blizzard to release “catch-up gear” early to make it even easier? It’s just not necessary. Play with the cards you are dealt.


Actually , Nope.

Back in the day, Blizzard put all the NR gear on world bosses with the intent in the months leading up to AQ or attempts on huhuran would be enough time for several guilds to acquire enough NR gear for the soaking on that fight. You can see this reflected on the loot tables for the world bosses with NR drops being shared across multiple bosses.

What they didn’t account for is the world boss gatekeeping that happened back in vanilla and continues in classic wherein 2, maybe 3, guilds across both factions are going to consistently claim world boss loot. It wasn’t until they released Naxx that they realized the vast majority of players had no access to the NR gear that was required to progress AQ at the time, and so they implemented catch up crafted gear.

It’s all pretty dumb, but the lack of these items is in line with the vanilla AQ experience. You’ll notice that they didn’t make the same mistake with FR gear for Sapph.

Odds are we wont even need NR at all, to be honest. Huhuran will die and all it will take is 2 Greater Nature Protection Potions and people using cooldowns at the right time.

And then we will all look back fondly at this thread.


I’m more concerned with using it on Visc than huhu

Also this. Huhuran, like most every vanilla fight, becomes exponentially easier the more quickly she dies. Every guild downing her before a forced tank swap won’t be hampered by NR requirements.

Laughs in Poison Cleansing Totem.

stop asking for more changes you heathen. We DO NOT want these patterns in the game at p5. blizzard made the respectable and correct decision to honor the original release timetable from vanilla retail.

No changes.


not fair

When are you gonna realize that life isn’t always fair and you won’t always get a participation award?

The sooner you accept these facts, the better life will be.

Blizzard has decided to release them as they were released in Vanilla… start farming your crappy maraudon NR and try to kill some Green Dragons as well. :upside_down_face:

I almost fainted when I checked for a single piece of decent feral nature resist gear on the AH and it was already at 1,000G.