Pets dying in dragonflight raids

Blizzard please fix pet AI, or revert their immunity to ground effects, in raids. I had to rez my pet in the middle of a smolderon fight no less then 6x, let alone any of the other hunters & warlocks in the same raid fight having to do the same. I GET that pets shouldn’t be immortal, but when there is no feasable way for me to micro-manage my pet; and with call of the wild bricking pet mend/rez pet… it is a serious issue. Please. Do SOMETHING.

got a log? never had this issue on smolderon

nope, and i don’t remember the last time i had a pet die on a boss, think the tank was putting him super close to fire.

I haven’t had this issue on smolderon, but every time we go to the platform with tindral, after his shield drops he always targets one of the hunters pets and 1 shots it. Despite tanks attacking the boss, no way bm pets are doing more threat than every other player

lava can damage pets lmao
what a dumb oversight

I hate this. There are too many rares or bosses in lava this expansion. Have pull my pets away beforehand.