Pet taming and other players damage

How does it work if your trying to tame a pet and others attack it?

You will lose the tame as it requires you to hold aggro and taming does no damage. So if you’re taming a rare mob and someone accidentally smacks it you are SoL.

You better hope that the tame goes faster than their dps.

easy fix all Blizzard has to do is make the taming spell take priority over any other spell so once you’ve started no one can break it. Problem solved

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a) 2 year old necro? and b) that seems like it would be unfair for other players if a hunter decides they want a rare as a pet. oondasta got spicy when they let hunters tame it because you could end up with 1 hunter wanting it as a pet vs 30 people wanting to kill it for the mount, and if the hunter was quick on the draw and had a world boss timer they would ALWAYS beat the mount farmers due to the immunity shield.

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Awww, I remember telling people to turn on Warmode. Even made some videos for the spicy Oondasta stuff. Thank you for linking my post and reminding me of all the silliness :smiley:

Someone resurrected a 3 year old post, and now two years old. It’s a zombie apocalypse.