Pet Rework Ideas

I would like to see our demons updated.

first thing is some more glyphs, i just need some variety.

imp: honestly fine, singe magic is a nice ability, i personally want it’s dps to be a little less than other demons, so ya it is consistent dps since it doesn’t move but less potential dps.

void: it’s pretty damn perfect for what it is.

Felhound: great ability (our only int), maybe have him do more dmg to enemies after they cast a spell to make him specialize in fighting casters.

succ: needs a total rework, new ability could be a raid buff of some sort like 1%bonus haste or something, make it have stacking attack speed aslong as it’s hitting the same target.

these were just some spitball ideas if you guys can think of anything or know why my ideas wouldn’t work i would love to read it.

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Lucky for you we have a thread about customisations and glyphs for Demons.

Bump it up :grin::+1:t4:

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