Pet megagerie battles no longer give XP

I noticed today when doing the garrison pet menagerie battle against Squirt that my character did not gain XP for completing the battle. I did get XP for completing the daily quest, but previously you would also get XP for completing the pet battle itself (if your character wasn’t at max level).

Not sure if this changed with the other 8.1 pet battle changes since it isn’t documented in patch or hotfix notes. Either fix this bug or document it if this change is intended.


Yeah, strange behavior.
I logged on for some battles with Squirt.
Planned to get a little EXP for my below max level alt ,as always. Two birds, one stone; and all that.
0 Character EXP. :sob:
Not just “very little” but literally 0 character EXP from pet battling Squirt. Not a single point.

If 0 character EXP from pet battle was a recent intended change… they should re-think that decision. It was more fun before, as an alternate to traditional methods, when we were able to level characters through pet battles. Even if it was a very slow pace.

I think it’s a side effect of the change to BFA trainers.

EXP from the BFA trainers was pretty much annihilated as a result of the Devs letting you now battle the BFA trainers even without their WQ being active. (Repeat battles)