Pet Macro Debacle

I leveled a Hunter during SoM, and now its transferred to my server. Today I finally got around to streamlining my User Interface and I ran into a lot of problems when I got to the Pet Bar.

First off, there’s the /petmoveto macro. This macro WILL actually show the green circle of where to send your pet. The problem is, is that the mouse is grayed out. This is definitely a bug that needs to be ironed out by the devs.

It’s not debilitating, and I do have the most Magic Dust reserves in all of WoW Classic, but I’m big on a 2 pronged attack. Yes, I am a Night elf, so Shadowmeld and Prowl … I’d like to send Brokenteeth towards the front of LM or the Mine without having to walk there myself, and right now /petmoveto isn’t working as intended.

My 2nd dilemma … is the inability to add macros to the pet bar. I pull back my bow for an Aimed Shot and I ALSO want to harass a mage with Brokenteeth. /petattack [target=mouseover, harm] [target=target] This is simple folks, and we need mouseover macros on the Pet Bar. This isn’t complicated in the slightest, and I have to jump through hoola hoops trying to get ALL this to work. Now I have to use the Pet Bar in order for the Passive, Defensive, Aggressive and Stay opacity to function correctly in addition to the pet autocast for the spell activation overlay.

And no surprise … I’m already running short on the measly 15 macro slots for my hunter, as you have to have the mouseover macros on lockdown:

/cast Wyvern Sting(Rank 3) [target=mouseover, harm] [target=target]

/cast Viper Sting(Rank 3) [target=mouseover, harm] [target=target]

And I haven’t even bundled Track Hidden with Aspect of the Hawk yet …

Lastly, it’s not all doom and gloom here. A big tip from me is to bind walk backwards to the scroll button. This not only frees up the A, S and D keyboard keys completely, but also turns your 41 yard range into ~50 yards when paired with weaponswingtimer.

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