Pet Color Variants: More or Less?

This expansion has really gotten into the color-variants of the wild pets, with some pet colors having as little as a 1% spawn chance. Much like the Pokemon “shinies” this adds an extra element of collectiblity. Some pets also have size variance as well, with slightly larger and smaller versions.

How do you feel about them? Do you enjoy them? Do you think Blizzard should do more of them, or invest time in even more strange variants?

I enjoy wild pets (specifically wild battle pets) that come in different colors. It’s like a mini-challenge to capture them all. Since I feel like I have less agency with pets that aren’t wild, I prefer if they come in a single color and appearance.

What I don’t enjoy is when a wild pet is a “rare” and on top of that has a rare color variant. I’m looking at you Deepridger, a wild battle pet that’s only a possible spawn in place of a Slabwing. And it had a 1% chance to come in a second color YIKES. One of the most frustrating captures of my pet collecting career, was not what I consider fun.

If anyone is interested in diving into collecting all wild pet colors, WarcraftPets has an ‘Alternate Skins’ filter that might come in handy!,Y,Wild,Y#


If you’re looking to collect alternate colors I can also suggest the “Companion pets with multiple looks” from Warcraft Mounts! It’s a great list and it can sync with Battlenet so you can see which variants you have and which ones you still need!


Hate it. Searching for rare pets is bad enough as it is. If there is a different color, just make it a separate pet.

Mm, Blue stones are so cheap, there’s really no reason to farm for rares. Breeds only matter if you’re really into battling/family fights, so honestly more colors/models would be fun.


Maybe they are cheap if pet battles is all you do every day, but i dabble in pretty much all parts of the game… not rolling in charms, especially while saving for the 10k pet.

I don’t think you’re accomplishing any time savings by scumming wild battles until you luck into blue-quality capturables of usable breeds. But maybe you’re outrageously lucky?

For most, pet battles and other ways of acquiring Charms is the more time-efficient method.

Except its not though.

If you set out today and say I will find THIS exact pet in rare quality, yes. Its inefficient. But if you are a thinking person, and say well, i have a lot to do in this game, so rather than actively hunt for every pet, ill instead do what i normally do and just engage pets when its convenient, and if its rare, capture it, and if its not, leave and move on with your day.

10 secs to check, vs having to actually farming a ton of rare stones. Need to not be so narrow minded guy. Ill save the farming charms for when im most of the way there.

And actually further, youre going to be actively out searching for different color variants as the OP desired, (ya know, the point of this thread)… so you’ll come across rares anyway.

You like to make your assumptions about the pet community dont you.

Oh, gosh, yes. You completely busted me.

If pet collecting is just while you’re doing something else, you’re not devoting enough time for efficiency to even be a consideration.

Shill more about your devotion please. Its really convincing.