Pet battles WQ only showing on this char?


Leveled this toon predominantly through herbing/mining. But she’s the only one who gets pet battles on the map WQ? Any ideas? I would prefer to get every little bit of rep on my main

(Symbioserous) #2

Got the same bug on one of my level 120 chars. It cant see any of the world pet quests. It’s real weird, but to be honest not unexpected. I just live with it.

(Amayita) #3

I know sometimes the map will uncheck the Battles option. If you open your map and click on the magnifying glass, make sure Battles is checked.

(Neall) #4

Check your addons and their filters.

Check your map filters.

Even if your map filters are checked / un-check and re-check them.


That did it Neall. Thanks

(Symbioserous) #6

I figured out my issue. Its because I leveled that particular character almost exclusively through Island Expeditions, so had to do some exploring before they show up on map as dailies.


Great tip! Problem solved. This has been driving me nuts for several weeks. Thank you!


open your map, look in the top right corner of the map, for a magnifying glass, should have a drop down menu that you can check stuff to see.