Pet Battles are absurd

I swear for every one move that i go, the opponent goes 3 times. Here at Darkmoon Faire ripping my hair out because these guys just go a million times and I die before my turn is even over. Why are pet battles so freaking difficult man… Ugh sorry for the rant just frustrated.
Update/Edit: we finally did it. Only took an entire hour to beat them both… :sweat_smile:

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If you don’t mind using other people’s strategies, you can always check out Xu-Fu’s:

That said, I can understand with these fights how it can be frustrating. There are a couple of stuns on Jeremy, and Syd has its Bubble with Christoph. Hopefully your fights against them next reset go smoother; best of luck!



The most hardcore and high intelligence wow players are the best pet battlers. Most players can’t handle the magnificence, depth, and challenge, of the wow pet battling system. There is M+, raiding, and pvp if you’re looking for more casual content.


I bow beneath my overlords.


to be a bit fair here. Pet battles do take quite a bit of planning. The two fights you mentioned have very defined mechanics that once you understand them, you can come up with pet strategies to combat those mechanics. A lot of it just falls to needing more experience in how pet battle mechanics function.

For example, in the original post, the very commonly perceived issue of the enemies getting 3 turns to your 1. A lot of people see this and it can be pretty scary because they don’t realize the effect the speed stat of pets has on battles or the effect that some abilities have relative to your speed. Those same battles can often times be reversed with your pet getting multiple turns to their one turn if there are some available mechanics to support that. But it falls to understanding battle pet stats, how abilities function, how buffs/debuffs function, and many other things.

To the OP. I hope you stick with pet battles for a bit. It really is fun and if you like puzzles at all, then pet battles really is all about “unlocking that puzzle” on each battle.


Yeah still spamming the dark moon battles:) I dropped 3k on another robot spinner thingy (name escapes me atm) so I have 2 of em. Then use my Anubus sand guy (name escapes me lol) as my third. Or maybe it’s mechanical spinner 1st, anubis 2nd, and spinner 3rd. Can’t remember the order I was going with. But that changed it up for me big time.
My biggest complaints as a total noob:

  • is that the revive time is 8mins, which if I’m spamming battles over and over it feels awful. Where’s my revives that I can purchase from the AH or something?
  • why is it so difficult to level my pets? Why can’t I like, summon one to run around with me and I can kill mobs and he gains levels? I’d love to level all my pets but if I can only do it from pet battling itself then that feels way too difficult. Summoning my level 1 pets get stomped, obviously.

yep, that 8 min cooldown can be annoying. I generally rely on “Battle Pet Bandages” which often come as world quest rewards or that can be bought from the battle pet vendors. I have like 2000 across my alts just from doing the regular pet battle things. They are Bind to Account as well, so you can send them back and forth between alts.

The best time to level them in battle pet week (it’s a weekly event every so often in wow). During that time, you can do two “tamer” battles to level a pet from 1-25 (or 24 if you don’t have the safari hat yet). For this that wow-petguide website mentioned earlier can help figure out which tamer battles you can do with the pets you have. lots of options. There are tricks to getting level 1 pets into a battle against level 25 pets. You can choose a level 1 pet to replace a dead 25 pet and then immediately swap it out. You can do an “explode” strat where your last 25 pet explodes to kill the final enemy leaving your level 1 pet as the last pet standing, or you can look to see if there are any “safe” rounds to swap in the level 1 pet (and swap right back out)…like when the enemy merely stuns your pet. It’s not very intuitive, but there are some tricks.

There are even stones you can buy with pet charms that can insta level your pets to 25 (you can get pet charms using level 1 pets in BFA and SL pet battle world quests…they scale down to level 1 if your team is all level 1’s)

You are totally right that it isn’t noobie friendly and yes, it can be cumbersome to level a lot of pets.

Hope that helps!


Superb response! Thank you! Grateful you took the time to write that up for me.


Also, if you haven’t already, get one of the pets that has a no-kill attack so you can safely capture wild pets without fear of them dying first. Grumpy is probably the easiest one to get:


Absurdly fun!

look up some strats on wowdb. for them or most any tamer or achiev perhaps.