Pet battle xp nerf?

I did some trainer battles in Drustvar yesterday and the xp was pathetic. Like 127 xp or something. Is that a bug or intended?

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There was a blue post about it. It is intended. Check it out on WoWhead.


Getting a heart from me for making this easy to find. Thank you!

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i cry over that :<


its bs another rule

Wonder why this feature hasn’t been buried to complete irrelevance two expansions ago though

It just kinda makes me angry that a weekly bonus is dedicated to this stupid thing. Waste of a weekly bonus. And that I even have to go to toggle pet battle icons off on the map, it being on by default. It’s so weird how they try to push it as core gameplay.

Same, it’s very minor niche of players that even care enough to do pet battles idk why they feel the need to include them in the weekly rotation for the buff. Of all the systems Blizz half asses and lets go of, pet battles manage to stick around.

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Holy Necro Batman.

i just did 10 pet battle got zip for exp = bs

i got a story for you i got bfa for a gift . i didnt want bfa . why because i dont pvp . so i told blizzard 3 times i dont want to go to bfa . why this is the reason i bought 23 token of gold to buy gear for my charters because i never got any f drops but augment bullsht runes . then blizzard moves me to bfa after i asked 3 times not to i lost 3.6 mill in gold and alls i hear is im so sorry . hey blizzard if some 1 ask you 3 times i dont want it = dont move him . but no i have to and you cost me 500 dollors for 23 token = bs. i bought 3.6 million god gear 3 modes from the auction hiouse and its not cheap . so since i asked not to move and they did it any ways = blizzard screwed up and now they should be accountable

more rules and rules and rules = bs