PET Battle Week!

I had a Commodore PET back in 1984…

(not really, but my school had 4 of them).

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Pet battles are the worst.


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No, void elves are the worst! Right after DK and DH!

Did you have PET ice cream too?

You are alive to me.

This is my favorite bonus event week.

While my favorite pet is still Lil Rag, I use a couple of addons that bust out a pet regularly in various situations. For example, I really like automatically summoning Muckbreath/Snarly/Toothy/Chuck when I start fishing.

My favorite renamed pet is my Dragon Kite, which has gone through many names, and is currently known as Shockolate. You know … because it occasionally shocks you.

My question for this week is always: what’s the PBPvP team du jour? And what will you be using to counter it? And then what will you switch to to counter that counter?

Okay that was three questions. And I usually answer with snails.


Thanks OP, I had forgotten to upgrade a pet I caught today in Zul’dazar, managed to go get a couple battle stones and level him to 25 as well

My favorite pet is the transmute slime thing I forgot what its called, but i named mine Bloby.

I would like to know this too because I’ve never done PET PVP. I want to try it this week and get on my way to becoming a Gladiator in the world of PETs!

Didn’t we used to get WAY more exp for pet battles?

I used to like to sorta level up my 19-20ish pets while doing pet battles WQs, but the exp gain (even during this bonus week) is quite slow.

My new favorite pet is Brutus - the 400 toy one I just got. It is so adorable. Don’t know and don’t care if he is any good for pet battles.

Yes, they nerfed the BfA WQ pet battle xp back in December I believe it was - it is almost nothing now, I don’t even bother trying to level them up there.

I miss my Dragon Kite :pensive:

I had one for years and sold it. Didn’t know how much I’d miss it until after.

I don’t PvP pet battle, I’ll admit it. I’m a collector–a crazy one. Once I get all 1k+ of my pets to 25, I’ll begin storing stones!

On a side note, I think a mount reward for pet battles would be fun.

Yeah this is the week where the quest does nothing for people that raid or want to progress alts :frowning:

I am enjoying this week as well. I have leveled a few already, so much XP on the Pandaren Spirit fights…

Did the PvP ones as well… good fun. Might get in to that now.

Anything with first strike advantage and can basically bubble for charged attacks is almost mandatory. I treat it like Pokemon lol

People get many other chances. The world isn’t centered around that. On the flip side not everyone raids or PvPs either. We can handle one week every so often that caters to those that like this content.

Different characters have different favorites… yes, I am that big of a nerd lol. I do like the wyvern cub you get for purchasing the plush though. He’s very cute.


Trying to get my pets back up to snuff (after having a bad nerd rage moment in WoD) and I wish I had more time… but alas I have the weekend. But I look forward to this, and actually want to try some of the pet pvp, but not sure what to expect… I’m scared I’ll go up against someone that has all of the raiding with leashes pets and I’ll just end up sucking bad.