Permanent Mindbender pet?

Can we explore Shadow Priests having a permanent Mindbender pet? Warlocks have permanent pets. Mages have permanent pets.


No, I want all pets removed from spriests. I disliked it since it was introduced long ago.


IDK about permapet, BUT I do have ideas…

Idol of Y’Shaarj should transform Mindbender into Y’Shaarj or a Void Revanant.


absolutely NO!
perm pet means a much weaker version of it which sucks for both disc and shadow.

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Absolutely not. I already hate that Shadow Priests have to summon a temporary pet. Go play a Hunter, Warlock, or Frost Mage if you want a permanent pet.


Would rather just revert the insanity generation. Really tired of playing Shadowflame Prism and was hoping it dies in Dragonflight. Visually though? i like the idea of summoning more of them temporarily the Torghast void wraith power.

Already have all of them. Play style is not the same. I was thinking more in terms of a tank-bender for solo content. It’s great being dot class, but not so much when you have 5 mobs pounding on you. PW:S does only so much to mitigate dmg. I’m thinking of ways to get around the Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot, Bubble, Heal, Heal, Heal rotation.

Take Misery + DA + Mind Sear + Pyschic Link down to Mind Devourer
Gather mobs up and and pop DA + Crash mobs
Start laying into them with MS and MB until you can Sear(hopefully a proc from MD)
Sear the pack and it should be deadish
If this doesn’t work on groups of world quest mobs you might need some better gear

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No. They should be removed from priest entirely.

I used to play pet classes as mains up until Legion when Blizz broke the AI. Hasn’t been the same since.

I’ve seen every pet class’s pets just freeze up for no reason. I’ve seen a demo lock just a week ago have all pets just stop DPS and stand there. In classic my pets would freeze. BC, Wrath, etc.

There’s some wonky AI that just stops performing at the most random times. Sometimes you’ll go hours without it happening and other times you can’t go 5 min without having to re-summon. It’s a PITA. Legit killed my enjoyment of pet classes.