People that complain about Classic WoW... in Classic WoW

Listen, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to play this game. I’ve legitimately seen people be like “ugh I hate this part of Vanilla it’s the worst”. You know it’s not going to change, you knew what you were in for. Why even bother complaining about it to other people? Just don’t play the game then.

I get criticizing a game but, they’re not going to change anything, that’s the whole point of all of this. There’s a whole separate game for people to play who want those changes and it’s right there available for you to fix the complaints you have.

It’s the weirdest thing when I see people do this.


Criticism is fair and it’s NEEDED. There’s a bunch of stuff in Vanilla that makes for some funky design decisions, no doubt.

Many of these complaints have been addressed over the years and have eventually ruined the game that was because of it - because of HOW those complaints were addressed.

Bringing up the shortcomings to things that Blizzard THINKS it fixed will cause them (should, more like) to rethink where they went wrong in rectifying obvious issues.

Here’s the upside: it’s not for Classic, it’s not for BFA, it’s for ALL devs and the larger game development community and their future games.

I haven’t been involved in developing an MMO but I can assure you plenty of us non-Blizz devs are paying attention, some casually and some with a microscope. This is doubly true for the small indie development teams.

It’s not about changing Classic, it’s about moving beyond WoW.

It’s good to look at the issues and how they were “fixed” to see the road taken and look for alternate paths down those roads.


Constructive criticism*



People will always complain. It’s kind of pointless to make a post to complain about people complaining.

Well very true, people like to be heard and they hate just to release the anger inside of themselves.
If it wasn’t classic coming out and instead warcraft 4 it would be hated on.
Most of the hate is not constructive.

There was thousands of reasons to complain while playing vanilla. It was part of the experience. I’m sure i will get annoyed at losing tags within the first 6 minutes. Can’t wait!

You can acknowledge Classic’a flaws without being a BFA player.

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Game devs love to hear game praise but are only interested in complains.

Every gamedev will tell you - listen players’ complains, don’t ever listen their solutions. When we complain we often don’t know the actual root of our complains/problems , that’s partly why we give stupid solutions. And that’s the reason for “you think that you do, but you don’t” - that’s how game devs approach every complain. The problem is that they too not always are able to understand the real complain behind the player stated one and so develop wrong solutions.

It seems all the arguing here is helpful for designers to maybe see all the errors they were making through the years. And as Apocryphal said maybe it will help not only Blizz devs.

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Is this even needed reading the rest of my post?

Or are you just kneejerking without reading anything?

Specifying for those that feel whining is a legitimate form of criticism. I agree with your premise.



Vanilla is a good game but it’s not without it’s flaws.

You’re doing nobody a favour by trying to supress the talk of it’s flaws as well as how to improve them.

Such as, for example, un-homogenizing the Hunter’s pets: Pet Un-Homogenization Idea

You could stubbornly wait until launch, or you could just listen to people who’ve a.) played Vanilla b.) played pservers to talk about the flaws of Vanilla and how to fix them.

If we’re going to have this discussion, why not have it now? There’s lots of people who have played on pserver and are probably bored. Let them talk and if you are not interested in the topic, don’t participate in the thread.

Also, Vanilla isn’t intended for tourists. If you didn’t play on pserver or back then you simply aren’t the primary audience of Classic. Classic is solely for people who love the old gameplay style of Classic and can no longer play on live.

Tourists will be gone in 2 months anyways, so their opinion is practically irrelevant.

I guess it’s only acceptable when it’s BfA in the GD forums. There we can accuse the game and devs of being an evil plot spawned in the pits of hell sent to steal our MAUs and fun with class design cooked up by Satan himself and sold to Ion for the price of his soul.

The floggings will continue until morale improves.