Penance targets self if not at full health?

I was just woundering if anyone has encountered this and knows of a fix.

When soling - penance will auto target myself if I’m not at full health and have an enemy selected.

It will only target the enemy if I’m at full health.

Not using a macro - just the normal spell.

Any thoughts?

Never happened to me

Though when i use them on my priests i go with mouseover just because reasons. Try this :

#showtooltip Penance
/cast [target=mouseover, help, exists] Penance; Penance

My target is always the enemy and mouseover whoever i plan on healing it with


Never had this happen in my few years as Disc

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Never seen than

Do u have something in your system that chose to use healing over Dmg effect if not fully healed. Like a Macro,addon,WoW system itself ?