Paying gold for dungeon runs

Especially Gnomer.
Cause no one wants to go

Eh, i think this might simply not be your game, or you forgot your sarcasm flag?

Not true, I know guildies will run low level players through a full run for free to fellow guildies so they can get Fused Wiring off of the mobs (and possibly twink gear BoE’s now that BG’s are coming out). One run had 7 wirings drop.

exactly. I spend hours making groups, and people don’t join. They leave before it fills every single time. It is not worth my troubles. I complain about it to these wimps scared of dungeons, and told my whole server how weak they are. I don’t care. It is true. These wimps were afraid to do SM because of my level. I was doing it daily with others, and doing top damage. I have better gear. They are too dumb to understand that gear changes things. The dungeon says I can do it, but these wimps say I can’t. I then bow right through it with people with ballz if they show up.

That is guildies doing a solid. That does no help the rest of us. We are not in your guild getting carried or free. The 300 people in my guild vanished during the couple days I stopped playing. I missed the server change, and not starting over.

They and alot of people on my server usually do it for 1 gold and/or the condition that any fused wirings go to them or twink BoE’s. (boss loot that is BoP is yours).

Payed server transfers soon in the future,

Why don’t you do Dungeon runs with your GUILD… This is classic wow after all…

Nothing like that here. This guy wanted a whole party to pay him. I said it i just me, and could tell he wanted too much. I stopped even talking to him. This game just annoys me, and I shut it off. I will sit in BG’s twinked to the max, and forget all about this. That is until the long BG ques with no alliance to que against. I can see that coming. I can’t even faction change. I would rather have short ques, and the human racial. My friends talked me onto a crap server and left me there.

People want those on your realm?

Wow, i healed a group doing it, and emergency tanked a few times, and wound up with several of those.
They didnt move in AH, but maybe more people on my realm are just self farming them.

But yea, on windseeker, trying to pug gnomer is never an easy task.
People hate it, but i dont know why.

can you read? my guild vanished! My new one has 3 people! I am the highest level out of them. You can stick up for it al you want, bu ts game is busted in multiple ways. Everybody knows it but you I guess. All those youtube videos are imaginary of people saying the same exact stuff. It is not fun being stuck on a server you hate, or is not playable. If you were alliance on my server, you would not even be able to quest. You would spend all your time running back to your dead body. Does that sound fun?

Join a decent guild then man, most of the players in your old guild or even this one you’re in now realized that the guild has no leadership and LEFT to join one of the bigger progression guilds that’s getting things done.

This is what happens to small guilds who do not have strong organized leadership.

Havn’t even seen a decent guild. Havn’t even saw one that I see multiple times. I can’t name a single guild on my server. They are all small, and it will take time to even spot one worth joining. You shouldn’t have to rely on a guild to be able to play. That is part of my point. I never had to deal with any of this in the past with retail. Making a group was easy. We had balanced factions, not a server of one faction. The game does not work in this state. Why do you think BG’s are out early? Most people are tired of questing or getting ganked all day long on a stuck server of the opposite faction. Let us change servers, faction change, or do whatever makes it work. This is not working for many.

Tuesday you should do a /who of Molten core see who’s on, and look at the guild names.

Then start to research those guilds and talk to the members to find out who’s actually happy and enjoying them selves…

After you find out what guild’s are both successful and where the members are actually happy; talk to the guild officers and get in, find a way in.

That’s how you do it.

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This existed in vanilla though…

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i would pay a warrior to run me. I am a slow learner so yes i would to a certain amount for their time same. I avoid dungeons before so I the dip that would accident pull aggro if it was my first time in there or wanted a back up as a learning tank. but no all the time. no .

Hey everyone,

I would like to introduce by saying I was 31 years old when Vanilla came out making me the age to have a lot of time to play a video game and for the time I played it I was always able to find groups for dungeons, usually within 10minutes or so. I never encountered the number of people there is now buying dungeon runs, every once and a while it was advertised or people said they were looking for a run in vanilla. So many people buy runs that in fact that I’m unable to find groups for dungeons unless I pay or have guildies on who want to run the dungeon. It’s frustrating and sad that this is what WoW classic has come to, taking an aspect out of the game that gives it flavor and adventure.
My experience looking for a group on my server (Fairbanks-Horde) for dungeons is that unless I want to spend 3 hours LFG or pay then don’t bother trying.

For all you saying that it happened in Vanilla just like it does now, I think you either read that somewhere and didn’t play Vanilla or your server is just lucky to have people who still do LFG for dungeons.
Grand Marshal Theunkown(Balnazzar-Alliance-Vanilla)

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Pretty sure this was big in the private servers. It has nothing to do with retail. Classic players ruined classic.

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This mentality is just getting worse every day. It’s removing my interest in playing more than anything else.

Oh look, a necromancy thread about people playing the way they want to play. The horrible horror.

Denying that the way you play affects other people doesn’t mean anything.

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