Patch Notes

Current Version: (07/07/2020)
Current Patch Notes: 1.13.4 (03/10/2020)

WTB Patch Notes


looks like the extra bag space was added

Expect a bunch of nerfs to fun. That’s been the pattern since Wotlk.


Looks like everything but the AQ 40 event is in for this patch.

still no Don Rodrigo yet just checked.

Bags slots seem to be working!

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If you go to the patch notes, it mentions classic.

Patch notes are pinned at the top as of 15 minutes or so ago

I’m literally online right now with extra bag slots.

https ://

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How did you do that? I cannot get mine to pop, Blizz account even says the authenticator is attached.

Edit: Finally popped up

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We have seen accurate reports of the new bag slots not appearing in-game, due to out of date addons.

It looks like disabling addons reveals the new bag slots in that case.


Hmm, maybe just takes time then? I got it on my level 60 right away, but it isn’t appearing on any of my lower level characters (even with addons disabled.

I had trouble with it too! Just activated ~10 minutes ago.

The extra slots are in. Looking at my pack right now while I sit in Un’goro and backpack has 20 slots.

Most likely in with today’s downtime work.

It’s definitely buggy. I got the button available to add it, but then it just sends me to the authenticator site to enable it. I used the authenticator to login so… pretty sure it’s enabled. Even tried to re-enable it but I couldn’t because… Well it’s enabled already. Submitted a ticket, but I imagine these are popping up all over.

I had that happen. I completely logged off of all Blizz programs/web and then relogged in and the bag slots finally showed up on all my characters.

So I’ve had a physical authenticator attached to my account for years which should allow me to get the 4 extra bag slots, but no… It just sends me to the page saying to download the mobile authenticator… which is good and all except I don’t have a mobile phone. gg Blizz.


I’m still using the physical authenticator and got my bag slots, so that’s probably not your issue.

so by “4 additional bag slots” does that mean i can equip 4 more bags total or that i can have 4 more items in my bags? oof if it’s the later.

so please indicate in any of your previous communication that would be required to hand my phone number over to china before i get my extra 4 bag slots?
What a complete and utter joke blizzard has become!

From blizzards own patch notes

“In this patch, we’re activating an additional 4 bag slots for any player who has an authenticator attached to their WoW Classic account.”

Where does it say I need to give you a phone number or setup SMS bullcrap?

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