Passing of a Player

Just a heads up, Though I don’t play on this server, I have had the ability to come across many of hunters in my days of Cross Realms to assist in taming the rare pets that were hard to come by.

It was due to this, I was able to come across a fellow player named Dagnabit, a hunter, who also played a druid named Sithralas.

I was just informed by his daughter that he has passed away on Monday.

On his Bnet list of friends are the following,

and WolfMoon.

If any of you remember this player, keep him and his family in your prayers. In the end, we all share something in common, we play WoW and in such, we are a dysfunctional family of sorts.

Be safe and Stay healthy during these times.


May his family be well, and his soul be in peace. I have lost a few friends from on here.