Papa's mint condition bag, issues with multiple of same item

I got it 2 different times. on first drop, I equipped it on my body. on second drop, it refused to pickup from dead rare, “I can’t carry any more of those”. then it went to postmaster recovery system. now in mailbox, it refuses to pick up again, “I can’t carry any more of those”. so I take the first bag and unequip it, put it in my bank. first as slotted equipped. tried to get mail again, still nope! went bank to bank, unequipped first bag and put in another bag, tried to get mail again, still nope. so now I have one of the two 34 slot bags usable, but the other is not usable. I reached out to general chat and others stated they were able to pick up the second bag, but they confirmed the bag was never equipped to their body. it went straight to bank before being used and put as a bank 34 slot. I feel I should at least get another 34 slot general use bag to replace this unusable loot drop

It’s a unique item, meaning you can only have one equipped at a time.

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