Pandaren Underwear Shows Through Armor

Title says it all. Pandaren yellow band around the tail and yellow sandals show through and ruin almost every single transmog, as if a good pandaren transmog were not hard enough already. The new customization options are beautiful but I cannot enjoy them because of the male Pandaren tail and underwear breaking every transmog.

A good litmus test for toon and class design visuals is … would the cinematic team use it?

Chen Stormstout has no tail in the Mists of Pandaria cinematic for good reason. Looks bad.

Even if you removed the yellow ring around the tail on the male Pandaren, it would look like a hernia, bad case of hemorrhoids, or like the toon was halfway through defecating.

Option to hide male Pandaren tail, and remove the sandals from the naked Pandaren form.

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Look at my yellow sandals and blood in between my toes.