Pally's Reckbombs - 2006 archives - working as intended

Right on! That bubble, plate, required second player to cause the crits, and complete lack of mobility will make their windfury 300x worse!

Except this was never intended behavior for Classic and wasn’t present in Vanilla. (well, the sit/stand thing was present, but the interaction with the start/stop attack macro giving an extra attack on procs was NOT) I know for a fact that the ele sham bugs are new to Classic- they are way too obvious not to have been common knowledge. Classic spell batching=/= Vanilla spell batching. There are some extremely wacky bugs that are resulting from the Classic emulation.

heh. that windfury totem exists for quite a while in combat whereas the “reckbomb” only lasts 1 use and needs to be rebuilt up from the ground again.

funny how that works eh?

you diddnt think that through did you?

I played vanilla - as a sword specced arms hoj equipped warrior this sort of behaviour regarding instant attacks did not exist in vanilla. Any proc for an instant attack would completly reset your swing timer.

You keep forgetting the important part of windfury. 20% chance to proc. VS rets guaranteed. Not to mention the totem only has 5 hp. Is it our fault people refuse to switch targets for the second it would take?

The day windfury becomes 100% chance is the day you can compare it to reckoning.

Just an update to all in this thread about intended behaviour.


Horde actually crying about meme spec paladins LMAO like bro just walk away like just dont go near him lmfao like bruh its a paladin KITE :rofl::ok_hand::rofl::ok_hand:


So that’s a change and since they made that change the other day it means stacking reck bombs and destroying trash warriors and their friends is ok.

Just can’t mount before doing it.

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and how is batching affecting reckoning?

ive done all the reck tricks and i never get more that 4 hits.

ive tried the start/stop atk macro and that rarely if ever gets me free attacks all the tine

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Never had an issue with the initial rek bomb - i had an issue with the behavious of multiple instant attacks in combat with every melee attack made against them - now this behaviour has been fixed it becomes somewhat balanced again.

Havent seen you all week - am i going to have to come to Stormwind battlemasters and find you? I could almost fit in inbetween my 2 hour av ques and non existient wsg ques.

Av spam, can’t wait for wsg to be king again.

So many bot like players in av lately.

Something we both agree on :slight_smile:, hopefully we get a < Alpha > v < Polygon > premade match.

Been facing off against teams blowing 200g+ in engineering bombs and pots just, to win wsg. Crazy times.

We will do premades soon I’m sure, been riding the av train atm

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Batching is completely ruining reckoning. Now, if I get crit in quick succession, my character just stands there doing nothing. I am gonna be forced to manually swing my weapon now, but since they neutered the start/stop macro, that will be annoying.

please all alliance Paladins roll Ret/Prot Human like the OP for super sexy reck bombs





It was, there was a very famous paladin on my old server who played that spec till 2.0 when it was utterly destroyed by the reckoning change of TBC.

Not sure why Blizz busted your class but I can sympathize.

There is alot of bugs, that never got fixed in classic, like orcs resisting holy that players cant resist, get used to it

dryly yes macro everything, then no one needs to play !

They fixed the double instant attack + melee swing - im happy.
They fixed the start/stop attack behaviour for banking additional charges - if you /stopattack a pally will now lose all stacks and not swing - this is the change they needed to make.

Now you can still mount up, have an npc attack you + crit you for rek stacks, be unable fully heal yourself - ride off onto a player and unload for 4 instant (not 5 due to the bug) attacks. The ‘rek bomb’ is still there - but is now balanced.

You can not sit/stand + spam start/stop attack in combat for 2 instant melee swings every time you are struck in combat - you can sit/stand for an auto crit for 1 instant melee attack. Again - balanced behaviour.

If you are incombat and recieve a crit while stunned (warrior charge stun) you will still bank those stacks and unload 4 instant attacks against the warrior as soon as you swing as long as you dont /stopattack - working as intended.

They are working on a hotfix that prevents you losing rek stacks if you are not facing the target at the time of the proc (rogue opener from behind).

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just to be fair, i dont mind that bugs that were bugs, get fixed in classic… there is a difrence to fixing and changing… but i think be both agree there

Most of all WSG wall/map sploits needs fixed, its one of the most fun BGs we have, but at moment its unplayable